Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Types and Brands

One of the most crucial aspects of wine collecting is wine storage. If you plan to properly age your wine in your cellar, investing in a good wine cellar refrigeration system is a must.

Why You Need a Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

WINE STORAGE Wine cellar refrigeration systems are air-conditioners designed to maintain the proper wine storage temperature in Texas wine cellars. They control the temperature so that it does not fluctuate. Fluctuating temperatures can cause the wine to not age properly, so it must be kept at the ideal temperature which is 55° F. It can be slightly lower or higher, but changes must not be more than 2° F.

Maintaining the ideal humidity level is another important role of wine cooling systems. A wine storage space with less than the ideal humidity level will cause the wine cork to dry up and crack, allowing oxygen to seep into the bottle, causing spoilage.

High levels of humidity cause mold to grow and contribute to the deterioration of the wine labels. The ideal humidity level for wine storage is 75%.


Types of Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Self-Contained System 

Self-contained or through-the-wall wine cellar refrigeration systems are the simplest of all the other wine cooling system types. This is ideal for those who are just starting out in their wine collection because they are affordable and reliable. The installation of through-the-wall wine refrigeration systems is done much in the same way as regular air-conditioners by easing it through the wall.


Ducted Self-Contained System 

The second type is called the ducted self-contained system which can cater to the needs of collectors with big or small wine cellars. This does not come with a humidifier, but there is an option if you want a unit that has one.

The main benefit of this kind of wine cooling system is that it can run quietly. It also allows the unit to be unseen in your Texas custom wine room.


Split System 

The split system has both a condenser and a fan coil, and is installed outside of the wine cellar. It is considered to be the most efficient way to maintain a good temperature in your wine cellar. This is because splitting the system enables you to position the condenser in an area that’s ideal for heat and noise while the evaporator remains inside or placed near the cellar.


Popular and Reliable Brands of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Guardian 

Wine Guardian products

The Split and Through-the-Wall System by Wine Guardian.


Wine Guardian is a go-to brand when the wine cellar designer is looking for a super-reliable, commercial grade refrigeration system. They have a reputation for consistent temperature and humidity control.

To learn more about Wine Guardian


WhisperKool Slimline 2500

WhisperKool Slimline 2500

WhisperKool Fully Ducted Extreme 8000 tiR

WhisperKool Fully Ducted Extreme 8000 tiR


WhisperKool offers a wide range of installation options for your wine cooling system. Because they are committed to improving the design and efficiency of their prod

ucts, they are widely recognized worldwide by wine cellar manufacturers and collectors.


US Cellar Systems 

The US Cellar Systems brand is great when it comes to providing engineering, as well as technical and customer support, whether you have a residential or commercial wine cellar. They have extensive experience in providing innovative solutions to their clients from San Francisco to New York.   CellarPro Systems


CellarPro Wine Cooling Units

On the other hand, the CellarPro wine cooling systems promises better-built wine cooling systems which have upgraded components and new features that improve the system’s performance. Their units are assembled and tested in their environment-friendly facility.

CellarCool CX Series 

CellarCool CX cooling units offer good value for your money with their wine refrigeration systems. Their experience of more than 2 decades enables them to provide their clients with affordable, efficient, built to last cooling systems for any type of Texas wine cellar.

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