Stylish San Antonio Home Wine Cellars

Beautiful San Antonio Home Wine Cellars by Wine Cellar Specialists

Beautiful San Antonio Home Wine Cellars by Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Specialists is a top-notch wine cellar builder in Texas and the nearby areas. Their extensive knowledge, expertise, and professionalism help their team create a good reputation in the construction industry. They provide innovative wine storage solutions for avid wine collectors. Learn more about the features of the exceptional San Antonio home wine cellars they built.    

Building Stylish Home Wine Cellars in San Antonio 

Working with a reliable builder will ensure that everything is in place and all your requirements are met. Wine Cellar Specialists specializes in wine room construction. Their primary goal is to provide a wine storage solution tailored to your aesthetic and financial needs. 

In recent years, San Antonio home wine cellars have been increasing in demand. More homeowners understand the vital role of a refrigerated wine storage structure in preserving the quality of their wines. Moreover, having a wine room in your home will provide easy access to your wine collection, allow you to organize your wines conveniently, add resale value to your property, and provide a beautiful place for entertaining friends and family.   

Wine Cellar Specialists has been our partner in wine cellar construction for many years. Their passion and expertise in designing wine rooms, high-grade products, and exceptional customer service make them a sought-after builder in Texas.  

They design wine racks with form and function and mind and install components based on their needs and available resources. Be inspired by their award-winning projects! 

San Antonio Home Wine Cellar with Wood and Metal Wine Racks


Project Completed by Experts in Building San Antonio Home Wine Cellars Using Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Project Completed by Experts in Building San Antonio Home Wine Cellars Using Wood and Metal Wine Racks

In one of the home wine cellars installed by Wine Cellar Specialists, they built a wine room for homeowners who relocated from San Francisco, California, to San Antonio, Texas. They have been collecting wines for ten years, and they needed a dedicated wine room for their 1,100 wine bottles. The room was long and narrow, so Wine Cellar Specialists created a racking design that would maximize the small space.  

The wine racks are made from unfinished Redwood. Redwood is widely used in manufacturing wine racks because of its many benefits. It is naturally durable and beautiful when left unfinished. Its natural preservatives make it highly resistant to shock, decay, and insect infestation.   

Wood Wine Racks  

Upon entering the wine room, the wood wine racks are on the right wall. It consists of individual wine storage and horizontal bins at the top section. The X bins were added at the bottom part of the racking.  

Another wine rack was placed on the back wall, intended for storing large format bottles horizontally. The labels are facing out to allow for easy browsing.  

Metal Wine Racks  

On the left wall, Wine Cellar Specialists installed wall-mounted metal wine racks from VintageView. These metal wine racks are perfect for small spaces because they do not occupy floor space. VintageView offers a wide array of wine rack systems engineered to create modern wine rooms with excellent functionality. 

Wine Cellar Specialists also utilized double-deep racking to maximize wine storage space. The bottles are displayed horizontally with the labels facing out. 

A Budget-Savvy Home Wine Cellar in San Antonio 

One of the Traditional San Antonio Home Wine Cellars with Stylish Wood Wine Racks

One of the Traditional San Antonio Home Wine Cellars by Wine Cellar Specialists

Budget is one of the factors that should be considered when building a wine room. Wine Cellar Specialists offers wine storage solutions for every budget. In one of the home wine cellars they built in San Antonio, they transformed a small space into a beautiful wine storage structure according to the owner’s needs and financial requirements.   

Wine Cellar Specialists utilized mostly kit or readily built wine racks so they could stay within the budget without compromising quality. Custom wine racks are more expensive than kit wine racks because they are made based on the size and shape of the wine room.  

The material used for the wine racks, which was Knotty Alder, created a rustic appeal. It is known for its durability, ability to withstand the high humid conditions in refrigerated wine cellars and resistance to mold and decay. Knotty Alders consist of attractive knots and burls that add character to the overall appeal of the wine cellar.   

Back Wall 

The back wall and curved corners of this San Antonio home wine cellar consist of kit wine racks. Individual wine racks were added to the back wall. There is a display row designed to highlight some of the bottles at a 15-degree angle.  

There is an arch opening at the center. It comes with a tabletop where the homeowners can serve and drink their favorite vintages. Two rectangular bins were placed at the top of the arch for storing large format bottles. The rest of the racking on the back wall are single storage racks.  

Left and Right Walls  

The left wall consists of custom wine racks designed to display the bottles in a cascading manner. The waterfall wine rack at the top section adds character to the wine room. There are diamond bins at the bottom. Wine Cellar Specialists added diamond bins on the right wall and individual wine racks to create balance with the left wall.  

We Build San Antonio Home Wine Cellars with Style and Functionality

Professional Builders of Elegant San Antonio Home Wine Cellars

Professional Builders of Elegant San Antonio Home Wine Cellars

Our team works with professional builders like Wine Cellar Specialists, who have been consistent in providing innovative wine storage solutions and exceptional customer service. The projects they completed have proven their extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry.  

Regardless of our budget, we will build the perfect wine cellar for your collection. Do you have a space in your home that you want to transform into a beautiful wine display and storage area? Please call us at +1 (210) 591-1595