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Texas Custom Wine cellar Design for a Modern Home


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Wine collectors are becoming more aware of the importance of proper wine storage and custom wine displays. This why residential wine cellars are in demand in many parts of the world, including Texas.

One of the residents in the White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas wanted to have a wine storage area for their collection that was equipped with a highly efficient wine cellar refrigeration system, tightly sealed wine cellar door, and proper lighting system for proper preservation of wine. For aesthetic purposes, they wanted elegant wine racks that would cradle their favorite vintages.

These crucial components in wine cellar building were given keen attention to detail in this recent project of Wine Cellar Specialists. Let’s take a look at how the climate-controlled conditions and modern appeal were achieved.


Contemporary Texas Wine Storage Design by Wine Cellar Specialists

For Optimum Conditions  

US CELLAR SYSTEMS HS Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

An efficient wine cellar cooling system is needed to stabilize temperature and humidity levels in wine cellars. Wine Cellar Specialists has been using US Cellar Systems products in many of their custom wine room projects.

This time, they chose the ducted split wine cellar refrigeration system (HS Series) which is known for its minimal noise and vibration in addition to its ability to provide wine cellars a perfect environment. Since the space was limited, this unit- which was hidden underneath the wine cellar’s floor- was the perfect choice.

Wine cellar doors and lighting also aid in maintaining the ideal storage conditions in a wine cellar. This Dallas, Texas custom wine cellar was enclosed in dual-paned glass with an insulated iron frame to prevent cool air from escaping the wine cellar. Warm air that gets in can alter wine’s flavor and aroma.

Texas Custom Wine Cellar Door & Lighiting

Lighting is also essential in wine storage. Since wine must age gracefully, too much heat must be avoided. Thus, an LED lighting system was chosen because it emits minimal heat while creating the mood that our client wanted to achieve. The lighting illuminated the wine bottles attractively.

Modern Aesthetics 

Stunning custom wine displays in a wine cellar adds beauty to the home and can impress guests, too. For a modern look, metal is the ideal material for wine racking. Wine racks must also allow easy visibility of the wine labels.

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

Both of these were achieved by using Vintage View metal wine racks in this contemporary residential wine cellar in Dallas, TX. The iron dividers, which separated every 3 columns of wine racks, created a stylish touch to the appearance of the wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Specialists again designed and built another home custom wine room in Texas that is truly unique and impressive. Start your wine cellar project today. Click here to get a FREE 3D wine cellar design or visit Wine Cellar Specialists’ website at