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Quality Wine Racks Offered by a Texas Wine Cellar Expert

To preserve quality and flavor, wine must be stored in an environment where temperature and humidity are stable. To keep your bottles safe from breakage, you must choose durable wine racks.

With several wine rack manufacturers out there, it is a bit difficult to choose which offers wine racks of the highest quality. There are wine racks which are durable, but will require you to break the bank.

Wine Cellar Specialists, a well-known wine cellar designer and builder in Texas, offers wooden and metal wine racks that are affordable, yet functional and durable. If you want stylish wine storage racks, they also offer customization options, allowing you to incorporate any design and style into your wine racks.

Wooden Wine Racks

There are types of wooden wine racks that you can purchase from Wine Cellar Specialists. Traditional wine racks are those which are ready-made with 6-feet height. The height of 6’ wine racks can be extended to 7 or 8 feet by adding bin extenders or cubicle, allowing the collector to add a few more bottles to his wine collection with convenience.

Stackable wine racks are ideal for those who plan to store more bottles in the future. These are also perfect for limited wine store spaces such as small apartments or tiny areas in you home.

There are also modular wine racks that are cost-effective and add character to your space, such as the Kessick Estate Design Series. There are various design and width configurations, allowing you to maximize your space while creating attractive custom wine displays.

Commercial wood wine racks can be mixed and matched to allow the owner of the wine store, restaurant, or hospitality storage place to showcase their wines attractively. Since these wine racks are designed to allow easy viewing of wine labels, customers will locate certain vintages in no time.

Metal Wine Racks

Contemporary wine racking is also in demand, especially for commercial wine displays. Metal wine racks are used to achieve the modern appeal.

Vintage View metal wine racks are among the most popular modern wine racks. Depending on your personal preference, these can be combined with wooden wine racks or used for the entire Texas wine cellar.


Width and height can be customized for Vintage View Evolution Series wine racks. Click here to learn more about these contemporary wine racks.

Other metal wine racks used by Wine Cellar Specialists in wine cellar construction are the Ultra Series Wine Rack System (Label Ladder, Label Link Series, and Peg) and Cable Wine System.


Wine Cellar Specialists provide you with the best wine storage solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget, and preserve you finest wines the right way. Contact them now at 866-646-7089 or visit their website at