Under the Spotlight: Iron Wine Cellars’ Metal Peg Wine Racks

Metal peg wine racks are a modern take on traditional, wooden wine racks, and IronWine Cellars has done a great job developing its own design.  You may find several other metal pegs in the market, but IronWine Cellars’ metal wine pegs are one of a kind because of how precisely-engineered every piece is.  In this article, we go through the details of IronWine Cellars’ metal peg racking systems, including what sets them apart and how they’re applied to different wine cellar designs!

Metal Wine Pegs for All Sizes of Wine Collections

One of the greatest things about metal pegs is that you don’t have to buy them in bulk and potentially leave some unused. You can start ordering a few pairs, just enough to hold the number of bottles present in your current wine collection and order more pairs as you start welcoming more bottles into your collection. Additionally, you can install the pegs at various distances from each other to cater to the size of the bottles.


The black, rod-like pieces you see are IronWine Cellars’ metal wine pegs in matte black finish.


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