Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Types and Brands


Why You Need a Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

wine storage temperatureOne of the most crucial aspects of wine collecting is wine storage. If you plan to properly age your wine in your cellar, investing in a good wine cellar refrigeration system is a must.

Fluctuating temperatures can cause wine to age prematurely, so it must be kept at the ideal temperature which is 55° F. It can be slightly lower or higher, but changes must not be more than 2° F. With the right wine cooling system, temperature fluctuations can be avoided.

Maintaining the ideal humidity level is another important role of wine cooling systems. A wine storage space with less than the ideal humidity level will cause the wine cork to dry up and crack, allowing oxygen to seep into the bottle, causing spoilage.

wine storage humidityHigh levels of humidity cause mold to grow and contribute to the deterioration of the wine labels. You won’t be able to know the vintage and type of wine in the bottle if the wine label is ruined. The ideal humidity level for wine storage is 75%.

Wine collectors who lack knowledge of wine storage use standard regular air conditioners. Wine cellar refrigeration systems differ from regular home air conditioners when it comes to providing the right conditions in a wine cellar.

Wine cellar cooling systems are designed to be efficient in maintaining the proper wine storage temperature and humidity in Texas wine cellars. Regular air conditioners on the other hand, are built to cool areas other than wine cellars. They are not equipped with features necessary to cool a wine cellar.

To ensure that your investment is protected, it is important to know the importance of proper wine cellar cooling, types of refrigeration systems, and brands of a wine cellar cooling systems. Also choose a wine cellar expert that will help you make the wisest choice in the protection of your wine collection, helping your wine to age gracefully.

Types of Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

self-contained systemSelf-Contained System 

Self-contained or through-the-wall wine cellar refrigeration systems are the simplest of all the wine cooling system types. This is ideal for those who are just starting out with their wine collection because they are easy to install, affordable and reliable.

Also known as forced air cooling, the self-contained system utilizes two fans (one fan forces the air in the wine room through the condenser coils while the other fan circulates cool air inside the wine cellar). The installation of through-the-wall wine refrigeration systems is done much in the same way as regular air-conditioners by easing it through the wall.

You will need an adjacent room or exhaust room with sufficient space that is well-ventilated for the dissipation of heat generated by your refrigeration unit. A basement, furnace room, garage or mechanical room can be used as exhaust room for hot air.

The exhaust room should be at least the same size as your wine room and has temperature not more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A licensed technician is not required to install the self-contained system, saving you from labor cost.

split wine cooling systemSplit System 

The noisy component of the wine cellar cooling system is the condenser. With this installed in your wine cellar, noise can be a problem. With a split wine refrigeration system, the condenser and the fan coil are installed outdoor, so you can expect a quiet operation in your wine cellar.

This option is considered to be the most efficient way to maintain a good temperature and humidity levels in your wine cellar. This is because splitting the system enables you to position the condenser in an area that’s ideal for heat and noise while the evaporator (the quiet component) remains inside or placed near the cellar.

ducted wine cooling systemDucted Self-Contained System

Most wine collectors don’t want noise and a visible wine cooling unit in their wine room. The ducted self-contained system is the key to achieving this. Installation of the unit can be done 25 ducted feet away from your wine storage room, thus the noise produced is more minimal than the self-contained unit. Additionally, there will be no visible cooling equipment in your Texas custom wine room, achieving a clean look.

Since this is the most advanced commercial-grade wine cellar cooling system, it’s purchased at a higher cost, and so that has to be factored into the design decision.

Popular and Reliable Brands of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Guardian 

Wine Guardian products

Wine Guardian is a go-to brand when the wine cellar designer is looking for a super-reliable, commercial grade refrigeration system. They have a reputation for consistent temperature and humidity control.

To learn more about Wine Guardian


 WhisperKOOL products

WhisperKool offers a wide range of installation options for your wine cooling system. Their professional wine cellar refrigeration team’s passion and over 20 years of experience in the industry has helped many wine cellar owners enjoy their well-preserved wines.

US Cellar Systems   

US Cellar Systems

The US Cellar Systems brand is great when it comes to providing engineering, as well as technical and customer support, whether you have a residential or commercial wine cellar. They have extensive experience in providing innovative solutions to their clients from San Francisco to New York.

                                                                                Learn more about US Cellar Systems 

CellarPro Refrigeration Systems  

CellarPro wine cooling units

CellarPro wine cooling systems promises better-built wine cooling systems which have upgraded components and new features that improve the system’s performance. Their units are assembled and tested in their environment-friendly facility.

CellarCool CX Series   


CellarCool CX cooling units offer good value for your money with their wine refrigeration systems. Their experience of more than 2 decades enables them to provide their clients with affordable, efficient, built to last cooling systems for any type of Texas wine cellar.

Determine Your Wine Cellar Cooling System Needs with an Expert

Since the main goal of having a wine cellar is proper wine storage, seeking the help of an expert in determining the right type of wine cellar cooling system is recommended. To help you with all your wine cellar needs, contact Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio at +1 (210) 591-1595.  We have 25 years of professional building experience. We custom-build wine cellars and can also help solve any wine refrigeration problems.