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A Small Storage Closet Converted into a Texas Wine Cellar

You’ve been dreaming of having your own functional wine storage space in your home, but the spare room that you have is a tiny closet. Space constraints should not prevent you from building your Texas wine cellar. Find out how Wine Cellar Specialists converted a small pantry closet into a refrigerated wine room that can house 700 bottles.

Custom Closet Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Texas

Williams Texas wine cellar installed by a master builder

The Entryway to the Williams Texas Wine Cellar

Many wine lovers have invested in a home wine cellar because they want to protect their collection from damaging factors. In addition to keeping your wines safe, having your own wine cellar also enhances the beauty of your home and provides a great place for entertaining friends.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a large room to have a wine cellar that can provide optimal conditions needed for proper wine aging. With the help of a wine cellar expert, limited space won’t be a problem.

In Frisco, Texas, the Williams family wanted to use their small pantry closet for a wine cellar conversion project. The room, which is 11 feet high, had shelves on the three walls. The door was a solid door.

The client chose Wine Cellar Specialists, a wine storage expert in Texas, to transform their tiny closet into a safe and beautiful haven for their collection. Wine Cellar Specialists has been our partner in building stylish and functional residential custom wine cellars in Texas.

The 3D Drawings

The 3-dimensional drawings help our clients visualize their wine cellar. Created after careful assessment of the owner’s needs, these drawings show the dimensions of the room, bottle capacities, and the wine rack components in different elevations.


Williams Texas home wine cellar 3D drawings

Wine Room Preparation

After the client approved the 3D drawings, Wine Cellar Specialists started preparing the room for construction. They removed the old shelving, walls, and ceilings. The room was rewired for the display row lighting, puck lighting above the arch, and recessed lighting on the ceiling. A dedicated power source is placed outdoor.

They also insulated the room and added a vapor barrier using closed cell foam to ensure that no cool air escapes the Texas wine cellar and no warm air leaks in. With proper insulation, wine storage problems can be avoided. It also prevents your wine cooling system from working harder than it should.

Gorgeous and Functional Wine Racks

Custom wine racks designed by a professional create a unique display of your collection. In designing wine racks, it is important to consider the ambiance that you want in your wine room, the number of bottles that you intend to store, and your personal style.

Racking System Designed for Maximum Storage Capacity

Texas wine cellar horizontal wine racks

Wine Rack System for a Small Wine Cellar in Texas

In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists created a racking design that maximizes the small storage space. Built with floor-to-ceiling height, the ideal racking components were used to take advantage of the limited space.

The right wall consists of horizontal racks at the top, which are intended for storing 750ml bottles. The lower section is also a horizontal rack with larger openings to accommodate Magnum size bottles. A mini quarter rack can be found at the end of the racking in the right wall.

Texas wine cellar display row and arch tabletop

The Left and Back Wall Wine Racks

The top and bottom racks on the left wall are for storing bottles individually and the middle section is for highlighting wines in a high reveal display row.

The wine cooling unit is placed at the top section of the left wall. It is hidden in a grill cover box made of wood so no equipment is visible in the wine room.

The back wall racking has a solid arch with a tabletop. Adding a tabletop in your racking allows you to have additional storage space for a few bottles, wine cellar accessories or gadgets. The top of the solid arch has individual storage slots.

The bottom section of the back wall consists of a wood case rack for bulk storage. This double deep racking can accommodate six wood cases.

Combining these styles of racking creates an elegant display of the owner’s precious wines.

Texas Wine Cellar Racks Constructed from Knotty Alder

Texas wine racks made from knotty alder

Knotty Alder Wine Racks Designed by Wine Cellar Specialists Texas

The material used for your racking contributes to the overall appeal of your storage space. The client opted for unfinished knotty alder. The wood’s natural beauty added sophistication to the Williams Texas wine cellar.

Knotty alder has properties that make it a favorite choice of many homeowners.  It has uniform texture and attractive knots. Wine racks constructed from this wood are ideal for those who want a rustic feel in their cellar.

Wine Room Door

Texas custom wine cellar door

Coto Style Wine Cellar Door by Wine Cellar Specialists Texas

The entryway is another important component of a wine cellar. It plays an important role in preserving the quality of wine. It must be made of an exterior grade door and must be insulated on all three sides.

Wine Cellar Specialists installed a doorjamb and an automatic door bottom to create a tight seal. The door is fully weather-stripped. These features help prevent wine from being damaged by unstable conditions.

The door is constructed from knotty alder to match the wine racks. The client opted for a Coto style door applied with Chappo stain and lacquer. A black wrought iron placed on top of the glass is operable, allowing the owner to clean the tempered glass with ease.

See more stylish custom wine cellar door designs offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

Efficient Climate-Control System

Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Wine faults caused by excessive heat or temperature fluctuations can be avoided if the right wine cooling unit is installed in your cellar.

Wine Cellar Specialists used an RM2600 ductless split wine refrigeration system. This cooling unit is from US Cellar Systems, a trusted manufacturer of climate-control systems. The wooden grill cover and box hides the evaporator or fan coil of the unit.

Make Use of a Small Closet in Your Home. Seek the Help of a Wine Cellar Specialist.

Wine Cellar Specialists can transform your small closet into a functional and appealing wine storage space. Call them today at +1 (972) 454-0480!