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Home Wine Cellars Dallas Texas – Wine Cellar Lighting and Mahogany Wine Racks

The Lyles’ Home Wine Cellars Dallas Texas

Wine Cellar Specialists recently completed a wine cellar project in McKinney, Texas.  This home wine cellars Dallas Texas project involved revamping the design and improving the features of the client’s existing 200 bottle storage capacity wine room.  During the original construction of the house, the contractor installed a small room, complete with custom cabinets and diamond bins near the bar area.

The room was approximately 5ft. x 5ft. and had a ceiling height of about 10ft.  It had an iron gate for an entryway door.  The size of the room was not utilized properly for storage, as shown by the impractical cabinets on the back wall along with a large molding above the diamond bin components that contributed to wasted space.

Climate Controlled Home Wine Cellars

RM2600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

RM2600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Proper wine storage requires a climate controlled environment, wherein the temperature and humidity are maintained at ideal levels, to ensure that wines mature accordingly.  Since the original wine room design was highly inefficient for storing wines long-term, the designers had to start over in order to create a room that not only maximizes the storage space, but also provides the best conditions for wine storage.

In order to transform the original wine storage room into a refrigerated home wine cellars Dallas Texas, the interior was completely stripped to allow for the application of insulation and vapor barriers to the wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces.  This process helps keep the desired climate conditions and prevent mold infestation inside the storage space.

An RM2600 ductless split system from US Cellar Systems was installed in the upper left wall, where the cooling unit is less conspicuous from the entryway.  A ductless split system allows the condenser to be placed in a remote location, thus creating a quiet environment, in which wines can age undisturbed.  A wood grill cover made from Mahogany conceals the evaporator coil from view in a visually appealing way.

Elegant Looking Mahogany Wine Racks

Mahogany Wine Racks for Home Wine Cellars Dallas TX Project

Mahogany Wine Racks for Home Wine Cellars Dallas TX Project

The custom wine room interior consists of a 6-inch solid horizontal display Mahogany wine racks that dominates the entire right wall, and a high reveal display row that runs from the back wall to the left wall.  Above the display row are individual 750ml wine racks and below are diamond bin components with reclaimed oak barrel tabletops.

All wine storage racks are constructed from Mahogany wood.  Early American stain and lacquer were applied to the Mahogany wine racks, to give them a beautiful finish.  The tabletop was made from cooperage wine barrel.  The cooperage is the top and bottom part of the wine barrel, which feature winery markings.

Horizontal display racks can fit large format bottles (such as magnums) and facilitate the label forward presentation of wine bottles, providing ease of identification.  High reveal display columns with LED lighting allow wine collectors to showcase their favorite wine bottles in full view.  Diamond bins are excellent for bulk storage and can store bottles of different sizes.

The iron grill door was removed from the doorway and replaced with a Coto wine cellar door constructed from oak and stained to match existing cabinets.  This entry door is insulated and features double-paned glass, operable wrought iron, and an automatic door bottom seal.  To give the wine cellar door a custom appearance, a grapevine design was handcrafted by one of their third generation wood carvers.

Learn more about the most commonly used wood for custom wine racks here.

Wine Cellar Lighting Fixture

Wine Cellar Lighting for Home Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Lighting for Home Wine Cellars

Recessed LED can lighting fixtures were placed into the ceiling, and serve as the main light source of the wine room.  Wine cellar lighting is a great addition to a wine storage space, because it helps accentuate the architectural layout of the room as well as create the right mood.  To create a stunning illuminating effect on wine bottles that are on display, LED tape lighting was installed inside the high reveal display row racking.  LED-based lighting is ideal for cellaring wines, because it generates less heat compared to regular light bulbs.

The completed home wine cellars Dallas Texas project increased the total bottle storage capacity of the original small room to 598.  From 200 bottles, the renovated climate controlled wine room can now hold a total of 798 bottles of wine.