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Wow-Worthy Modern Wine Cellar Designed by Wine Cellar Specialists in Texas

Modern Wine Cellar by Wine Cellar Specialists in Texas

Modern Wine Cellar by Wine Cellar Specialists in Texas

Smart wine collectors understand the importance of investing in a refrigerated wine cellarlike those designed and built by Wine Cellar Specialists. In one of their projects in Texas, they designed a modern wine cellar built in a small area in the client’s living room. They received their 5th ARC award from Dallas Builders Association for this project. Learn more about this luxurious-looking wine display area designed with form and function in mind. 

Award-Winning Modern Wine Cellar Build with Sophistication by Wine Cellar Specialists   

Wine Cellar Specialists has many years of experience designing elegant and functional wine storage facilities for homes. In one of their projects in Texas, they built a modern wine cellar in the client’s living room. Their goal was to create a design that would highlight the owners’ collection and maximize the storage capacity of the small space.  

After the on-site visit and careful assessment of the client’s requirements, Wine Cellar Specialists create 3-dimensional images consisting of different elevations of the completed wine cellar, racking styles, dimensions, and bottle capacities. They sent the design to the owners and waited for their approval. Once approved, the master builders started the construction process.  

They began framing the wine room, installing electrical wiring, and insulating the walls and ceiling. These steps are crucial to ensuring that the wine cooling system would function efficiently.  

Wine room insulation helps seals the wine cellar to prevent air leakage. When done incorrectly, it will cause the warm air to enter the room and the cold air to escape, interfering with the cooling performance of the refrigeration unit. At Wine Cellar Specialists, they always make sure that the wine cellar insulation is installed the right way using high-grade materials.  

Wine Cellar Specialists received an award from ARC Awards by Dallas Builders Association for this sophisticated modern wine cellar, named the “2018 Best Wine Room Modern Masterpiece.”     

Contemporary Wine Rack Design Perfect for this Home Wine Cellar in Texas 

A modern wine cellar leans towards clean lines, avoiding curves and intricate details. Moreover, neutral or monochromatic colors are used.  In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists created a minimalist design by incorporating metal and glass elements. Since the room was small, they had to utilize the wall for the wine racks.  

Innovative Wine Storage System That Offers Many Benefits  

They installed PEG wine storage system by Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars, consisting of stainless steel rods installed on a backer board or panel. Two pegs can hold one bottle with the label facing out. This bottle orientation allows for easy perusal of the wines. It eliminates the need to flip the bottle to see read the wine description, preventing the disturbance of the sediments settled on one side of the bottle.     

In the middle section of the wall-mounted wine racks, Wine Cellar Specialists added horizontal bins to accommodate the large format bottles in the client’s collection. Ultra PEG wine racks are ideal for budget-savvy wine collectors who have a growing collection.  

You do not have to spend much to increase the storage capacity of your racking. All you have to do is purchase more stainless steel rods for the new bottles.   

Seamless Glass Wine Cellar Doors 

Modern Wine Cellar with Seamless Glass Doors

Modern Wine Cellar with Seamless Glass Doors

Wine Cellar Specialists installed seamless glass wine cellar doors to complement the modern wine racks from Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars and provide a full view of the wine bottles from the living area. The two sets of double doors allow ease of access to the bottles in the left and right sections of the racking. The glass panels were thermally insulated to help the wine cooling system perform with superior efficiency and prevent wine storage problems  

Brand and Type of Wine Cellar Cooling Unit for the Modern Wine Cellar  

One of the keys to achieving the perfect wine storage conditions is installing a reliable wine cooling systemWine Cellar Specialists is composed of designers and HVAC experts who understand the crucial role of a reliable wine cooling system in proper wine storage.  

In this award-winning project, they installed a self-contained, water-cooled climate control system from Wine Guardian. The type and size of the unit chosen were based on the heat load calculation, considering the factors that could affect the performance of the system.     

In a water-cooled system, heat is placed into moving liquid so that it can be removed from the wine cellar using water piping or ductwork. Water consumption will depend on the size and capacity of the equipment. It is ideal for locations where the water source is adequate.  

Wine Guardian’s self-contained wine cooling units are designed for installation through the wall using EasyMount one-piece wall bracket and support frame. The frame is made of aluminum for superior durability, and the components are resistant to corrosion.  

Other features that make this cooling unit widely used in wine cellar construction: 

  • It does not require an exhaust room for heat but requires a water source year-round 
  • Multiple vents for supply and return air  
  • Options include integral humidification, electric heat, remote control, and monitoring and duct kits  
  • It consists of an integral water regulating valve for system efficiency 
  • Easy access water connection points at the side of the unit  

Hire a Team of Experts for Your Modern Wine Cellar Project 

Wine Cellar Specialists has completed another excellent construction job in Texas. The homeowners were pleased with their finished modern wine cellar. Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio has been collaborating with top-notch designers and builders. If you are looking for a professional wine room builder in Texas or the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to call us at +1 (210) 591-1595