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San Antonio Wine Tasting Room

The San Antonio Custom Wine Cellar Project

San Antonio Home Wine Cellar Storage

This is the San Antonio Home Wine Cellar Storage we completed

Any homeowner wanting a custom wine cellar to call one’s own wants it to be as beautiful as one dreamt it to be. Indeed, no one should be deprived of their dream, even if they are operating under a tight budget. That was the case for us when we took on a San Antonio custom wine cellar project. We were working under strict constraints, and we had to make sure that the outcome should be worth the client’s time and money. The steps involved are documented below. 

There are only a few ways to make this project right in the first place. Firstly, we had to make sure that we were using the right combination of modular wine racks from our wide selection of kits.

With installed wall lighting already present in the room, we had to retrofit the back wall racking design to ensure that it would look as seamless as possible. It couldn’t be just any wine rack, though, so we settled on using solid x bins as wine storage area.

Finally, we had to determine a look for the wine rack that would make it stand out from any angle. We and the client eventually decided on a “wheat” stain coupled with a lacquer finish. As soon as both were applied, we knew we had achieved the exquisite look the client was looking for.

San Antonio Wine Climate Control System

This San Antonio Wine Climate Control System is a standalone unit.

Wine Cellar Climate Control System

The room we installed the custom wine rack in is a modestly spaced area. Because of this, we knew we had to choose a wine cellar cooling system that is not just self-contained, but also boasting an aesthetic that should fit well with the rest of the room.

With that in mind, we decided that the WhisperKool SC 4000 was the right unit for this purpose. This is a system that can easily be installed through the wall, and the client liked the feedback from his fellow wine enthusiasts on choosing the WhisperKool unit.

Simply put, the SC 4000 unit is designed for longevity. In addition, its 30°F temperature differential ensures that it will not suffer from overheating.

San Antonio Wine Tasting Room

The San Antonio Wine Tasting Room offers a suitable space for guests

A Wine Tasting Room that Can Hold 900 Bottles

We were confident that the wine rack could hold 900 bottles of the client’s wine collection. But since we were supposed to fashion a wine tasting space, we had to brainstorm ideas on how we could make the whole room an attractive spot for visitors to hang out in.

We started with the ceiling of the cellar, using reclaimed wood to construct it. The client also insisted that we create a stylish entrance, so we used bare bricks for the arched entrance.  When all was said and done, the overall suite complemented the look of the custom wine cellar, and the client cannot be any happier.

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