Glass Wine Cellars with Cigar Humidor for San Antonio Homes

This glass wine cellar looks like it doesn’t have any glass panels at all does it?

Glass wine cellars can already be challenging to make. Add to it the need to install a cigar humidor, and the difficulty becomes more impossible, especially if you only hire a general contractor.

But not with Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, though!

Because of our invaluable experience and specialization, we and our partners were asked to build a unique wine cellar from scratch inside a luxurious, contemporary home.  The gist was: to build it with a humidor where the owners could also store their cigar collection. Well, the wine cellar was only second because the owners were more into cigars than wine.   Nonetheless, we were able to achieve a gorgeous wine cellar & cigar humidor at one time.

Read this article to learn about this project’s backstory and the elements we used to complete it!

Glass Wine Cellars with Advanced Lighting Design

This home was built as a new structure after the owner tore down the original house. The property was redesigned to exude a modern, ultra-polished vibe, so it was only fitting that we also brought in the latest tech in wine cellar making.  Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio has been producing and designing wine cellars for years, and we know what kind of hardware would work best for a particular theme.

For this wine cellar, we brought in our state-of-the-art acrylic light board with a Lutron system. This light board was proudly and exclusively designed and manufactured in-house, and it’s only recently that this kind of wine cellar lighting was introduced to the market. This cigar humidor/wine cellar was the first to apply it. In this technology,  LED lights were placed behind ¾”-thick acrylic boards strong enough to stand off against the wall. The white acrylic boards diffused the bright LEDs smoothly, giving the entire wine cellar a sophisticated glow. The boards are also highly durable, even when holes are drilled into them to make space for the metal wine pegs. Overall, this was a modern lighting system perfectly fit for a modern small home wine cellar.

This is how this glass wine cellar’s metal wine racking looks up close.

Combining a Wine Cellar + Cigar Humidor

If you do not know it yet, wine and cigars have different humidity requirements, so putting both together in one closed storage area pushed the team to think outside the box. The solution was then to build a separate wooden closet for the cigars and install a dedicated humidifier for the entire space. The humidifying system that we brought in was also not taken right off the shelf. Most traditional humidifiers will require you to replace the water every day, if not every couple of hours.  Clearly, this wasn’t very ideal for a wine cellar and not very convenient for the homeowners.

To address this, we opted to get a humidifier from US Cellar Systems and built a cold-water inlet into the humidifier so water would just circle around. No need to replace the water as much or check on any foam as much as ordinary humidifiers.  Lastly, even if the humidifier box was relatively large, you wouldn’t see it in the cellar since we hid it inside one of the wooden drawers.

The result was an efficient humidifying system that served both the cigar and wine collections well!

Wine Racking and Display for Open Glass Wine Cellars

When you want to install or build a fully-revealing glass wine cellar, every piece of the room has to look neat, especially when you’re fond of having guests over. This modern home wine cellar, in particular, served as the main highlight of the room, so the racking, cabinet, and bottle arrangement was carefully planned.

The wine pegs attached to the acrylic LED wall are made of stainless steel in a chrome finish. The manufacturer of these wine pegs sells them in three finishes: chrome, matte black, and copper-gold. We opted for chrome primarily for its shade. A pair of these wine pegs can hold three bottles simultaneously, but you can buy them in dual-bottle or single-bottle sizes. At specific angles, you won’t really see the metal wine pegs, making the bottles look like they’re floating in mid-air.

With so many options for wine racking in the market, you need someone to help you decide which type would best fit your wine collection and your cellar’s overall theme. Good thing the Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio team knows every bit of selecting the right wine rack.


The glass panels we used for this glass wine cellar is tempered to keep moisture from forming.


Have Your Glass Wine Cellars Built by the Masters!

When you’re planning on building a wine cellar, don’t just look for general contractors. Instead, go for specialists with knowledge and experience building climate-controlled cellars, like Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio! We can design and build any kind of wine cellar: glass wine cellar, pantry wine cellar, traditional wooden wine cellar, under-the-stairs wine cellar, wine cabinets, and more. Wherever you are in San Antonio, even in Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Waco, and other areas in Texas, Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio is there for you.

If you want a similar glass wine cellar or a unique design made only for you, contact us today, and we’ll have one of our specialists create a 3D design for you! You can reach our team at +1 (210) 591 – 1595.