Don’t Let a Low-Grade Wine Cellar Cooling System Harm Your Wine. Choose WhisperKOOL.

WhisperKOOL – a Brand of Wine Cellar Cooling System Trusted by Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio

WhisperKOOL wine cellar refrigeration units are commercial grade, which will ensure that the wine storage temperature and humidity are kept constant to achieve graceful aging of your wines.

Another reason WhisperKOOL is a favorite choice in wine cellar installation is because it offers one of the quietest wine cooling systems. Noise is a factor that most wine cellar owners consider when purchasing a wine refrigeration system.

WhisperKOOL products are also known to provide easy installation at a great value. They are more economical than other brands of cooling systems, while providing high grades of quality, making them a popular choice by many wine collectors. If you’re concerned about  the budget of your project, WhisperKOOL may likely be part of the solution.

WhisperKOOL Self-Contained Systems

 SC Series 

Whisperkool SC

WhisperKOOL Self-Contained Unit

WhisperKOOL’s SC series is a compact self-contained system with the evaporator and the compressor grouped in one housing. This product is easy to install and economical. Designed for simple through-the-wall installation, the SC units fit between standard wall studs, which eliminates the use of a support shelf, and reduces the installation cost and time.

The SC series wine cooling unit is designed and built using the latest technology to provide optimal cooling and superior efficiency. It comes with special features to maximize convenience of wine collectors.

Whisperkool coilThe unit comes with an advanced digital controller, which allows convenient viewing of the evaporator coil temperature, condensing coil temperature, and wine temperature. This feature is essential in a wine cooling unit for constant monitoring of the system and the conditions in the wine room.

In an event when your wine cellar environment is not safe anymore, the digital controller will provide an audible alert so you can take action to save your wines.

Other features of the SC Series include the efficient coil design that prevents poor performance and poor ventilation; the bottle probe that directly measures the temperature of wine, so you won’t need to worry about temperature fluctuations; the dynamic airflow for effective air exchange on both sides of the system; the coated evaporator coil that helps prevent corrosion; a finish which is baked on high temperatures for durability; and a power option that provides power to the unit from either side of the area where it is installed.

For those who are looking for a wine cooling system that is of great value and high quality, the SC series is an ideal choice.


WhisperKOOL Slimline cooling system is widely-used in Texas wine cellar projects.

For wine collectors who are looking not only for efficiency, and quiet operation, but also for maximum storage capacity, WhisperKOOL’s Slimline 2500 is the ideal option. Slimline is designed to be mounted in an unused space in a wine cellar (such as the space between the door and the ceiling), allowing the collector to maximize wine storage space.

Just like the SC Series, Slimline is also equipped with a liquid bottle probe. It has advanced electronic display, humidity control, energy saving mode and 30 degrees Fahrenheit temperature differential.

Ducted Self-Contained System by WhisperKOOL

Extreme Series 

WhisperKool Extreme Series Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

The Extreme Series is WhisperKOOL’s highest-end wine cellar refrigeration system. It is a professional-grade cooling unit designed for maximum efficiency, excellent performance, powerful operation and high reliability.

The Extreme Series is perfect for installations in remote locations. It is ducted, which means that the condenser can be placed outdoors, up to 25 feet from the wine cellar. It is designed to hold out against more extreme weather conditions. This unit also allows you to control or select the fan speed, which helps in easy management of air flow and power usage.

This wine cooling system utilizes high quality and state of the art components that make it flexible and effective even in hotter and colder climates. The Extreme Series’ features include an advanced digital controller, bottle probe, coated evaporator coil and durable finish.

WhisperKOOL Split Systems

Providing quiet operation in wine cellars, the split wine cellar cooling systems from WhisperKOOL provides excellent performance and efficiency.  There are 3 types of WhisperKOOL split wine cellar refrigeration systems – the Ceiling Mount, Mini Split and Platinum Split systems.

Ceiling Mount 

Save Wine Storage with Ceiling Mount Wine Cooling Unit

There are wine cellar owners who are conscious about the aesthetics of their wine storage room. Some of them want a virtually invisible wine cooling unit in their wine cellar.

WhisperKOOL’s Ceiling Mount ductless split design is the ideal option to achieve this. Another benefit of the Ceiling Mount split system is maximum storage capacity. Since the unit is recessed up in the ceiling, valuable wall space for wine storage is freed up.

You can’t go wrong with this wine cooling system when it comes to efficiency. It is designed to draw in the warmer air that builds up in the ceiling. It then cools and distributes the air throughout the room.

This product of WhisperKOOL’s is built with professional grade parts to ensure high quality performance and longevity.

Platinum Mini Split System 

Platinum Split Wine Refrigeration System – Ideal for Small Wine Cellars

Small wine cellars need a compact wine cooling system. WhisperKOOL’s Platinum Mini Split System is recommended for wine collectors who don’t have a large wine cellar. A refrigeration system that is compact in size doesn’t mean it can’t be efficient.

The Platinum Mini Split System is designed for powerful efficiency, with adjustable humidity control, a controller that is easy to operate, anti-frost function and quick chill mode. It is also easy to maintain. With this refrigeration option, you can have a top-quality, ultra-quiet wine cellar.

Platinum Split System 

The Platinum split system reduces noise in wine cellars.

The Platinum split system is installed with the condenser unit placed up to 100 feet away from the wine cellar and the air handler can be up to 25 feet away. Since the unit is away from the wine room, noise is reduced and you will have more storage space as well.

Like other WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling products, the Platinum Split system is designed with reliable and effective internal components. It offers virtually silent operation and is one of WhisperKOOL’s more aesthetically pleasing systems.

The Platinum Split system is equipped with alarm features, an advanced electronic control system, humidity control and liquid bottle probe. The new design for the housing systems was improved for easy accessibility and installation.

Let WhisperKOOL Protect Your Investment

WhisperKOOL is committed to continuous development of new products, which will allow them to provide the best wine storage conditions to many wine cellars. With an aim to provide longevity and optimum performance, their team follows strict guidelines in choosing every component of their wine cooling system.

Discuss the needs of your space with your trusted Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio design expert. They’ll help you determine whether WhisperKOOL may be the right choice for your wine storage project. With WhisperKOOL, you’ll be a worry-free wine collector.