Designing and Building Exceptional Custom Wine Cellars for Homes

Custom Wine Cellar Built in a Home in San Antonio, Texas

Custom Wine Cellar Built in a Home in San Antonio, Texas

If your wine has gone bad, it smells like vinegar or wet cardboard and tastes like paint thinner. You will also notice that its color has turned brown. If you have noticed these signs in your wines, you are probably storing them in poor conditions. Now is the right time to invest in a residential wine cellar! Whether you have a traditional or modern home, Custom Wine Cellar San Antonio will transform any space into a wine storage facility that will complement the theme of your space.

Aspects of Building a Home Wine Cellar

If you are planning to start your own wine room installation project, you must know the important aspects of wine cellar construction.

Your chosen builder must be knowledgeable enough about maintaining the ideal storage conditions essential for the graceful aging of wine. Additionally, you must also make sure that the design fits your aesthetic requirements and budget.

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we install modern and traditional wine cellars in unused closets and spaces under the stairs. Since we care for our client’s prized wine collection, we make sure that the room is ready for construction and that every component is installed properly.

We work with Wine Cellar Specialists, our long-time partner in building wine cellars for homes in the San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin areas.

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio Partnered with Wine Cellar Specialists

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio Partnered with Wine Cellar Specialists

Assessment of Needs and Requirements – Initial Step in Building Residential Wine Cellars

Foam Wine Cellar Insulation

Foam Wine Cellar Insulation

Each homeowner has unique requirements when it comes to the design and functionalities of their wine cellar. We, at Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, always want to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with how their wine cellar will look.

We sit down with our clients and discuss with them carefully where they want their wine cellar to be built, the number of bottles they intend to store, and their budget. We take note of every detail and integrate it into the design.

Preparing the

 Room for Installation

Your room must be framed with studs and ceiling joists. The studs should be 2 x 4 inches or 2 x 6 inches. However, for the exterior walls, a 6-inch stud is recommended. The thicker the walls, the higher the insulation.

Insulating the Walls, Ceiling, an

d Door


Coto Style Custom Wine Cellar Door

You cannot install a wine cooling unit if the room is not prepared for maintaining the optimum conditions.

A vapor barrier and insulation must be installed on the walls and ceiling to ensure that an airtight seal is created in the cellar, preventing environmental factors from damaging your wines. We recommend the closed-cell foam insulation, which can act as both a vapor barrier and insulator.

The door and flooring must also be insulated properly to help your climate control system perform efficiently.

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we construct exterior grade doors using the LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) technology. We equip them with weather stripping and sealing components.

After the insulation, we will install the most suitable cooling unit to help achieve a stable wine cellar environment.

Cooling Units for Home

 Wine Cellars

If your wine has gone bad, this indicates that it was not stored in an area with stable conditions. Wine deteriorates easily due to excessive temperature fluctuations.

Custom wine cellars for homes must be equipped with a refrigeration system that can keep the temperature between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the humidity levels must be maintained between 60-70 percent to preserve the cork and prevent mold growth in the cellar.

We offer different types and brands of wine cooling systems. We help our clients determine the right unit to be used based on the room’s size and location.

Types and Brands of Refriger

ation Units


Cooling System Brands San Antonio Wine Cellar Experts

Our self-contained units are easy to install and are the most economical option. They can be mounted between the wall studs and can be installed without the help of an HVAC specialist. It requires an adjacent room (twice the size of your cellar) where the heat is exhausted.

If you opt for a ducted self-contained cooling system, the unit can be installed up to 25 feet from your cellar. This means that no equipment will be visible in the room and less noise is produced. Heat will be exhausted outside of your home.

For the split system, the evaporator is placed inside the cellar, while the condenser can be placed in an area outside the room where it can exhaust heat and dissipate noise.

We offer wine cellar refrigeration systems from trusted manufacturers like Wine Guardian, US Cellar Systems, CellarPro, and WhisperKOOL.


Learn more about the different brands of climate-control systems offered by Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio.

Contemporary Wine Cellars

Stact Metal Modular Wine Racks

Stact Metal Modular Contemporary Metal Wine Racks

Modern custom wine cellars add flair to homes. Integrating contemporary features into your wine cellar design helps us build an award-winning masterpiece. We use metal wine rack systems to provide a contemporary feel to wine cellars.

Metal is a sought-after material in wine rack construction because of its elegant appeal, durability, and versatility. It can be combined with wood and finished with custom options to meet the specific needs of each owner.

There are metal wine racks that are stand-alone, while others are designed to mount on the wall.

Our wine racks from VintageView display the bottles in a label forward orientation. This feature reduces the time spent looking for specific wines.

A Modern Hom

e Wine Cellar in Texas with Custom Metal Racking


Contemporary Wine Display San Antonio Master Builders

One of the projects we completed was for a client in Texas who needed help in transforming a space under the stairs into a contemporary wine cellar. The challenges were the limited space and odd-shape of the room. Wine Cellar Specialists, our dealer for this project, came up with a sleek wine rack design that would provide maximum capacity and stability.

We installed the double-deep Ultra PEG racking, one of the newest wine storage systems suitable for high-end homes. The client chose the brushed aluminum pegs and Alumasteel backer boards to match the beams of the stairs.

Two pegs can hold a bottle lying on its side. Each peg has rubber O-rings, which prevent the bottle from slipping out. When you enter the room, you will see that the entire racking is on the back wall.

A WM6600 wine cooling unit from US Cellar Systems was used to achieve the optimum storage conditions. It was mounted on the left wall of the room. Wine Cellar Specialists coated it to match the gray walls.

Traditional Designed Residential Wine Cellars

Although minimalist design is a trend nowadays, classic wine cellars are still in demand for collectors who want a warm ambiance in their space. It’s wrong to think that traditional wine rooms are only built in the basement. They can be built in an underutilized space in your living room, kitchen, or entertainment area.

Wooden Wine Racks: Ideal for Building Classic Custom Wine Cellars for Homes

Custom Wooden Wine Racks

Custom Wooden Wine Racks

Wood allows builders to create wine storage facilities with timeless appeal. Wine cellars with wooden racking provide a relaxing place for entertaining guests. Some of the most attractive species of wood are Mahogany, Redwood, Knotty Alder, and Pine.

They are also durable and have properties that make them ideal for installation in climate-controlled wine cellars. When properly maintained, wooden wine racks can last for years.

Many design options await you if you opt for wooden wine racks. If you are just starting to collect wine, you may choose premade units, which can be stacked on top of each other. You simply need to purchase another wine rack if you want to increase the storage capacity.

For larger collections and irregular-shaped rooms, it is best to go for a customized wine rack system. This option gives you the opportunity to personalize the design of your wine cellar and add custom features that can make it more functional and appealing.

A Pantry Transformed Into a Traditional Custom Wine Cellar for 700 Bottles


Traditional Left and Back Wall Knotty Alder Wine Racks

Another installation project completed by Wine Cellar Specialists was for a Texas homeowner who had a small pantry, which he wanted to turn into a traditional wine display area. They made use of the Knotty Alder wood to manufacture attractive wine racks. Knotty Alder, which consists of visible swirls and knots, added a rustic appeal to the room.

Horizontal wine racks were installed on the right wall. The top section was intended for 750ml bottles, while the lower area was designed for magnum bottles. The left wall consists of individual wine racks with a high reveal display row.

In the topmost section of this racking, Wine Cellar Specialists added a wooden grill cover and box to conceal the wine cooling unit evaporator. The back wall has a solid arch with a tabletop. This area provides space for decanting and serving wine.

Wine Closets for Homes

Wine closets are cost-effective alternatives to those who don’t have the right budget and space for a fully-built wine cellar. Although not as expensive as custom wine cellars, small wine closets can also be designed with uniqueness and can add luxury to your home.

Amazing Transformation of a Walk-In Closet into a Residential Wine Cellar

In Colleyville, Texas, we partnered with Wine Cellar Specialists in building out a tiny walk-in closet into a magnificent wine storage room. We combined various racking orientations to add functionality and maximize the limited space.

Stylish Racking Design

Wine Closet Custom Racking Design Texas

Wine Closet Custom Racking Design with Wine Barrel Flooring

On the left wall is a wine rack that consists of rack openings for individual bottles with two display rows. There is also a quarter-round display rack and a reclaimed tabletop below the window. Case storage bins were added at the bottom section to allow for bulk storage.

Individual wine racks and two display rows were installed on the right wall. For the back wall, we incorporated a solid arch carved with a grapevine design. It sits on a wine barrel tabletop with two drawers below it.

The drawers, which also have a grapevine design, are equipped with self-closing slide hardware. The tumbled marble tile behind the arch is an eye-catching feature of the wine room.

On both sides of the arch, we added stemware and column wine racks. A double-deep solid bin wine rack was installed below the tabletop.

We decided to use wine racks made from wood because the owner loved the earthy feel in his wine cellar. Manufactured from Premium Redwood, the racks exhibit a reddish color and beautiful streaks.

Door and Flooring

The core of the elegant arched door was constructed from solid wood. Wine Cellar Specialists added a small glass window with an operable wrought iron design on top of it for easy maintenance. The door was equipped with sealing components to ensure that the wine cellar can preserve the client’s collection for many years.

Just like the tabletops, the flooring was also constructed from reclaimed wine barrels. The planks used were taken from the top and bottom parts of used barrels, showing unique markings.

Under the Stairs Wine Cellars

Residential Custom Wine Cellar San Antonio Project Under the Stairs

Residential Custom Wine Cellar San Antonio Project Under the Stairs

One of the most neglected areas in the home is the space under the stairs. Although this type of wine cellar can be challenging because of the curved shape and limited space of the room, we always do our best to ensure that the clients are happy with how their wine cellar looks.

Wine Room Conversion Project in San Antonio

Recently, Wine Cellar Specialists completed a wine room conversion project in San Antonio. The wine racks were customized to suit the shape and size of the cellar.

Various racking orientations were incorporated into the design including solid X-bin, single storage, high reveal display row, and horizontal display racks. The longest wine rack was installed on the left wall. The Knotty Alder wine racks were lacquered for a richer look.

A Luxurious Residential Wine Room Can Be Yours.

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we care for your wine collection. We offer innovative wine storage solutions that fit your space and budget. If you want to convert an extra space in your home into a magnificent custom wine cellar, we can help you. Feel free to contact us at +1 (210) 591-1595.

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