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Discerning wine collectors have a problem. Whether you’re a Tampa, Florida homeowner building a modern custom wine cabinet in your residence, or you own a commercial property in Chicago, Illinois that needs a large ducted wine cellar—finding a builder you can trust to actually build these elegant structures, who knows what they are doing, can be very challenging.

Building a wine cellar isn’t like building a normal room or cabinet—or even a refrigeration unit for that matter. You have to control both temperature and humidity. You have to control lighting. You have to prevent movement of any sort. A wine cradled in its rack is more sensitive than a newborn baby sleeping in a bassinet. And any wine collector who loves their wine worries about meeting with a cranky contractor or a slick salesman who’s going to try to talk them into purchasing a predetermined wine project that they don’t really want, that isn’t going to really help them build the kind of wine selection that they dream of. You can imagine our clients’ joy when they meet Nancy Higgins and our team of smiling faces and shrewd intellects.

Our specialists understand wine, and we know how to build for the sensitive conditions of wine! We know how to plan for your future wine storage. We know how to stay within your budget. We know how to make your experience wonderful.

Whether contemporary or traditional in style, our designers can build stunning wine cellars to fit the style of your property!

Learn what hundreds of wine cellar owner have come to understand, whether in Texas, Illinois, or Florida. Working with Nancy and our professional team of designers is just plain AWESOME!

Select the Specialists Who Build CUSTOM Wine Cellars!

We pride ourselves in working with you, on an individual basis, to help you decide what the best options for your wine cellar are going to be. We will customize this project to work for you, not us, not our expectations, or our personal preferences. This is going to be a wine tasting or storage space that you’ll love and share with friends for years to come, and it needs to work for you and no one else.

Wine Cellar Design Discovery Process

We spend a lot of time discussing your needs and expectations, helping us to figure out how to design the project to your specifications:

  • How many bottles of wine do you plan to have?
  • What size of bottles do you collect?
  • Do you plan to host in the space?
  • Do you collect other beverages?
  • What’s your aesthetic tastes?

We genuinely want to know.