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Prevent Costly Expenses in the Future by Hiring a Professional San Antonio Wine Cellar Builder

Designing and installing San Antonio residential wine cellars must be done by master builders to avoid incurring significant expenses in the future. Poorly constructed wine rooms can be detrimental to wine, resulting in waste of investment. Make sure that you choose an experienced wine cellar specialist who can build a functional and impressive wine cellar design for your home.

How to Prevent Costly Mistakes in Your Next Wine Cellar Project

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio wine cellar construction mistakes

The main reason homeowners invest in quality vintages and a refrigerated wine storage space to keep them in, is to preserve the wine’s quality until it reaches its proper maturation. Failure to store your collection in a climate-controlled environment will damage your wines.

Since building a climate-controlled wine cellar is much different from building a room in your home, seeking the help of an expert is highly recommended.

San Antonio wine cellar builder

Working with a San Antonio wine cellar builder with extensive experience in constructing refrigerated wine rooms, can prevent costly mistakes in the future.

Other qualities that your chosen company must possess include keen attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge about proper wine storage. They should be able to assess all the space, financial, and aesthetic requirements of their clients before starting the construction phase.

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, they give quality time to the planning and designing of wine storage spaces for homeowners. They always want their clients to have, not only a beautiful display of their collection, but also a safe resting place for wine to age the right way.

Five Important Elements That Your Builder Should Take Into Account When Constructinga Wine Cellar

Maintaining a stable environment in your wine cellar is the key to preventing wine from deteriorating. In order for wine to mature properly, your chosen builder must install proper insulation on the walls and ceiling, use a commercial grade insulated door, and install an efficient wine cellar cooling system.

Additionally, choosing the right type and style of wine racks can also help prevent unnecessary expenses in the future.

Proper Insulation of the Walls and Ceiling

San Antonio wine cellar insulation

Wine Cellar Insulation San Antonio, Texas

Unstable temperature and humidity levels are caused mainly by heat and moisture coming into the cellar. Wine easily gets damaged when stored in areas with temperatures higher or lower than the specified range (55-65 degrees Fahrenheit).

The ideal humidity level (60-70%) must also be achieved in your wine cellar to protect wine’s desirable characteristics from being ruined.

To prevent wine storage problems, Custom Wine Cellar San Antonio installs proper insulation on the walls and ceiling of the wine room. This process must be done prior to framing the room and installation of the cooling unit, wine racks, door, and flooring.

High Quality and Well-Insulated Entryway

The main function of a wine cellar door is to help achieve the optimum conditions needed for the proper aging of wine. An ordinary and poorly insulated wine cellar door can cause wine to deteriorate. Refrigerated wine rooms must have an entryway made from an exterior grade material to ensure strength and longevity.

San Antonio wine cellar door

Quality Door for Texas Wine Cellars

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, they use only door materials that can withstand the humid conditions in climate-controlled wine rooms.

They use the Laminated Veneer Lumber(LVL) technology to create doors that are strong, and highly resistant to warping and shrinking. It makes use of multiple layers of thin wood connected together using adhesives. The LVL technology is used in constructing wine cellar doors to provide the wood better insulating properties. Poorly insulated doors can cause temperature fluctuations and inexact humidity levels, which can damage wine’s quality.

For additional durability and strength, Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio also uses the Mortise and Tenon technique. This method makes use of two wood components to create strong corners in your door.  The mortises and tenons are pieces of wood joined together and interlocked to adapt to humidity changes in a wine room.

By using both the LVL technology and Mortise and Tenon technique in wine cellar door construction, Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio can ensure maximum protection for their client’s collection.

Efficient Wine Refrigeration for a Stable Environment in San Antonio Wine Cellars

San Antonio wine cellar refrigeration system

Wine Cellar Cooling System – an Essential Element in Wine Cellar Construction

Another important element in wine cellar construction is the cooling system. Its main function is to create the ideal storage environment needed for the proper maturation of wine.

Keep in mind that regular air conditioners should not be used because they don’t have the capacity to cool wine cellars. Failure to achieve the optimum storage conditions can damage the cork, allowing unwanted oxygen to seep in.

When this happens, your wine’s chemical components will be altered, resulting in unpleasant smells and tastes. Bad wines need to be thrown away, which is a waste of investment.

Wine cellar cooling systems must be installed to keep your wines safe until it is ready to be consumed. Using conventional air conditioners will damage, not only the wine’s quality, but also the structural integrity of your wine racks, walls, and ceiling. To prevent costly mistakes, consulting a wine storage expert is recommended.

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, they care for your collection. They always see to it that the right type and brand of refrigeration unit is installed in every wine cellar they build.

To help them determine the most suitable wine cooling system for your cellar, there are important questions that must be answered:

  • Where is your wine cellar located?
  • What is the size of the room?
  • How many bottles do you intend to store in your wine cellar?
  • Do you have an adjacent room for exhaust ventilation?

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio offers efficient wine cooling systems from reliable manufacturers: WineGuardian, US Cellar Systems, WhisperKool, and CellarPro. You can opt for a self-contained, ducted self-contained, or a split refrigeration system, depending on your needs and requirements.

Effective Racking Style and Material

San Antonio wine racks

A Beautiful Wooden Wine Rack System Created by a San Antonio Master Builder

You don’t need to buy expensive storage racks to keep your collection safe. Choose a wine rack system built by an expert from quality materials, and designed with form and function in mind.

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio offers quality wine racks made from wood, metal, or a combination of these two most sought-after materials in the construction industry.

Learn more about their wooden wine rack options.

Working with an Expert Can Help Prevent Additional Expenses in the Future

Custom Wine Cellars San Antoniio

Costly expenses can be avoided by hiring a master builder like Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio. They provide wine storage solutions that can protect your investment.  Call them today at 210-591-1595.