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Useful Tips for Commercial Wine Storage in San Antonio Texas

Commercial wine storage facilities play a vital role in generating wine sales. Consulting with a specialist like Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio will ensure that all your requirements are met. Read on to learn some tips in building a commercial wine cellar for your business. 

Commercial Wine Storage: Helpful Tips

Many restaurants that offer fine dining boast a collection of great wines from various regions. Both red and white, these are carefully chosen by the sommelier for the perfect food pairing. It is no wonder that restaurants keep hundreds, if not thousands, of wine bottles on hand for the diners to choose from.

Commercial Wine Storage Designed and Built by Experts in San Antonio, Texas

Commercial Wine Storage Designed and Built by Experts in San Antonio, Texas

Likewise, a wine store needs to stock thousands of wine bottles to have ready. Wine enthusiasts frequent wine stores for their regular consumption and collecting. A wine store with varied wine bottles will likely thrive and be a hit among its customers ensuring an increase in sales and repeat patronage of clients.

For restaurants and wine stores to live up to clients’ needs and expectations, there has to be a functioning wine cellar; one that is not only pleasing aesthetically, but also one that will fulfill its purpose.

In this blog, you’ll be provided with useful tips in building a commercial wine cellar and how having one will benefit restaurants, hotels, and wine store owners. Commercial wine cellar projects completed by an expert will also be discussed to inspire wine lovers who are planning to provide the safest resting place for their collection.

Find the Perfect Spot for Your Commercial Wine Room

One important thing to keep in mind is that the wine cellar should not only house the prized wine bottles, but also command the attention of the diners and buyers in the restaurants and wine stores, respectively. If you have a restaurant, having a wine cellar will make it look great and become more appealing to the market.

Figure out how to build a wine cellar in a way that it is visually appealing to people who are eating in or moving through your restaurant. Increasing the perceived quality of your restaurant, can boost the revenues of your business. Customers who see a big and stunning display of wines in front of them will be encouraged to have wine with their meal.

Glass-Enclosed Commercial Wine Cellar

Glass-Enclosed Commercial Wine Cellar Installed at the Center of a Restaurant. CLICK HERE for full-sized image.

The wine cellar must also be designed in such a way that it complements the rest of the interior. The owner must decide in the beginning if a traditional or contemporary wine cellar will work best with the overall layout, concept, and theme of the establishment.

For example, a glass-enclosed custom wine cellar goes well in a modern restaurant. It is very visually appealing and makes your restaurant look more sophisticated. It is ideal to display the bottles in a way that the labels are facing up so customers can easily find a specific vintage.

Since too much heat and light can affect wine’s quality, you should be careful when choosing the location of your wine cellar. Make sure that it is situated in an area where the sun doesn’t shine directly on the wine bottles.

Dramatic lights can be placed strategically to highlight the location and heighten the guests’ awareness of the wine cellar.

Popular types of the lighting systems for wine cellars are recessed can lighting and track lighting. Recessed can lighting provides the room a sleek look. It is mounted on the ceiling and can highlight a particular area where it is needed.

If you want wine labels to be highlighted in vertical or high-reveal display wine racks, track lighting is a good option.Track lights can be mounted on walls or ceilings and are very flexible.

Keep in mind that your wine cellar lighting should provide enough light for wine tasting, moving around the wine room, reading wine labels, and highlighting portions of your wine racks.

Choose Wine Racks that are Attractive, Durable, and Designed with Flexibility

Wine cellars in commercial establishments must be built with wine racks that are equally attractive and durable. The finest materials must be used as this also adds to the overall appeal of the place.

Durable strong materials will ensure that the wine bottles are protected when placed on the wine racks. Your wine racks must blend with the overall design of the commercial establishment so that they won’t stick out like sore thumbs.

Gorgeous Commercial Wine Storage Display

Commercial wine racks can be made of wood or metal. Redwood and mahogany are the two most popular wood species. Both are known to be moisture resistant, durable, and attractive. Storing your wines in wooden wine racks will prevent changes in temperature conducted through the rack into the wine.

For establishments such as restaurants and hotels, wine storage racks constructed from metal are more preferable. This is because of the modern appeal metal wine racks create. Metal wine racks are also sturdy and elegant, making them a top choice in many commercial wine cellars in Dallas, Texas.

Wine racks must be designed with flexibility and organization in mind. Some wines are bottled in oversized magnums. The wine rack must have provisions for such.

It will also be convenient to have wine racks that allow the wine labels to be easily read to avoid any delay in inventory check and retrieval. Your wine racks must also be able to store bottles in bulk. Depending on your wine storage requirements and personal style, you may choose modular or customized wine racks. There are wine cellar builders that offer custom wine racking and wine rack kits.

Opt for a Reliable Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

The wine cooling system of a wine cellar must be able to store wines at the ideal temperature and humidity levels to preserve the rich flavor of your wines. This will also ensure that the wine will reach the glasses of the consumers in the best possible condition for enjoyment. Without an efficient wine cellar cooling unit, your wines, which are meant to provide customers enjoyment, will be ruined.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System – an Essential Component of a Wine Cellar

Seeking professional help is important to determine the ideal type of wine cooling system for your custom wine room. Popular and trusted brands of wine cellar refrigeration systems include the US Cellar Systems, CellarPro, and WhisperKool. These are widely-used by many wine cellar builders including Wine Cellar Specialists. To understand the different types of climate control systems, click here.

Just like any other investment, owners must be prudent enough to do thorough research and engage the services of manufacturers with expertise in wine cellar building. Spending a lot of money for commercial wine cellars will pay off in the future as long as the right design, layout, materials, installation, and safety precautions are made.

Looking for a Trusted Wine Cellar Builder?

Wine Cellar Specialists is a trusted wine cellar builder in Texas. Their professional teams of designers and installers aim to provide the safest storage place for your collection within your budget.

With their expertise in creating stunning and unique custom wine displays, your commercial wine cellar can help boost your business sales. Below are some of their commercial wine room projects.

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Wine Cellar Specialists also offers wine cellar flooring, wine cellar art, wine barrel carvings, wine inventory systems, wine gifts, and wine accessories. They create a 3D custom wine cellar design for free. Contact them now at 866-646-7089 and start building your dream wine cellar.