Dallas Wine Cellar Experts Create a Stunning Transitional Home Wine Cellar

Personalized Transitional Wine Cellar Constructed in North Dallas

Whether you choose a classic and traditional design or a modern and contemporary design for your wine cellar depends entirely on your preferences. But this North Dallas wine cellar owner loved both styles and decided to integrate both into their new wine cellar. Wine Cellar Specialists was hired to construct this transitional wine cellar in North Dallas. Read on to more about the project details.


Dallas Transitional Wine Cellar Project by Wine Cellar Specialists

The North Dallas Transitional Wine Cellar at First Glance

transitional wine cellar with personal touch from owner

There’s a complementary balance of modern and traditional design for this wine cellar.

At first glance from the entrance of the transitional wine cellar, you could easily identify the wine cellar design as traditional design. But, as you enter the wine cellar and let your eyes wander through the entire room, it’ll be apparent that there’s the influence of modern design everywhere. The classic look from traditional design and the ingenuity from modern design complement each other nicely.  The Wine Cellar Specialist team collaborated with the owner to make this hybrid wine cellar design possible.

Key Factors Making Up the North Dallas Transitional Wine Cellar

Before constructing a wine cellar, there are key points that you should consider. This elegant transitional wine cellar wouldn’t be possible if all points were not taken into consideration during the design process. Here’s an anatomy of the essential parts of the wine room Wine Cellar Specialists constructed in North Dallas.

Wooden Wine Racking System for the Transitional Wine Cellar

The customized wine racking system for the wine cellar gives the owner flexibility in storing wines.

Wine cellars with wooden wine racking system are an all-time classic among wine cellar owners. It looks rustic and yet elegant. For this project, the team used Sapele Mahogany. This wood is preferred by most builders because of its reddish color. And, it gets darker with age. You could say that it gets darker as your wine gets better.

There were various wine racking system designs constructed for the wine cellar. It all depends on where that wine rack is located inside the wine room. All these racks were designed to display the wines in nose out. The team did a great job of maximizing the possible number of wines that can be stored using this kind of wine storage. And, yes there are separate racks for regular wine bottles and for the large magnum wine bottles.

Cooling System for the North Dallas Wine Cellar

Every wine cellar owner knows the importance of maintaining the optimum humidity and temperature for their wines. Wine Cellar Specialists take this into consideration for every project they make. They discuss with the client the best cooling system that would best fit their needs.

For this transitional wine cellar project, the team installed a half ton self-contained cooling system from Wine Guardian. The cooling system is just the right size for the wine room. It’s perfect since the wine cellar have a glass door. Self-contained works pretty well with wine cellars that have glass panels in it.

Lighting for the Entire Transitional Wine Cellar

The prominent source of lighting for this project is the magnificent chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It illuminates the entire wine cellar and it adds that rustic feel to the wine cellar. For the rest of the wine cellar, warm yellow LED bulbs were embedded evenly throughout the entire area. This gives emphasis to every wine for each rack. These bulbs emit minimal energy so there’s no chance that they harm the wine collection.

Personalized and Customized Details for the Wine Cellar

Identity and uniqueness are what most wine cellars usually go for when building their wines. That’s why Wine Cellar Specialists always collaborate with their clients during the design process. That way clients will have a sense of pride and involvement for the entirety of the project.

The team constructed a rolling ladder for the wine cellar to make it easier for the owner to retrieve and access any wine from his wine cellar. The ladder is easy to move around the cellar thanks to the rollers attached to its ends.

Aside from the mobile ladder, the owner also incorporated his personal art collection and decorations to the wine cellar. The owner requested to have the classic wooden door with a glass panel for the entrance of the wine cellar. The door is decorated with wrought iron details, which further added to the classical look of the wine cellar.

transitional wine cellar with the owner's personal touch

The owner added her own personal art collection and decorations to complement the transitional wine cellar.

This wooden decoration added a traditional feel to the transitional wine cellar.

You Could Build a Transitional Wine Cellar Like This too

Wine Cellar Specialists takes pride in its repertoire for creating quality custom wine cellar for its clients. They have been continuously receiving positive feedbacks from their finished projects. You too can have that custom wine cellar specially made for you. Call them now at +1(972)454-0480