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Forget Old-Fashioned Wood Wine Cellars. Display Your Wine in a Modern Mode

Modern Wine Cellars Project by San Antonio Experts

Modern Wine Cellars Project by San Antonio Experts

When we hear the words “wine cellar,” most of us think about underground wine storage or a room with all-wood wine racks. This is referred to as a traditional wine cellar. But modern wine cellars are increasing in demand worldwide. What if your home is modern in its design? Can you build a wine cellar that is contemporary?

Modern Wine Cellars: What You Must Know

Modern wine cellars are a trend in many parts of the world, including Texas. If you want to have one, make sure that you talk to your chosen wine cellar builder about it during the planning phase of your wine cellar. This way, your wine cellar designer can create a layout that is contemporary and to your tastes.

The materials commonly used for constructing modern wine cellars are metal, glass, or a combination of both. You may also opt to mix these materials with wood to create a truly unique appeal for your wine room.

Why are Modern Wine cellars in Demand?

modern wine room

Modern Wine Cellars can be Installed in Any Area of Your Home.

Traditional wine cellars are more common in the United States than modern ones, but contemporary wine rooms are also increasing in popularity, especially in home improvement projects.

They are sleek and add character to a modern home. If you have a traditional home and want to add a contemporary touch to it, a modern wine cellar can help you achieve this.

Modern-style wine cellars don’t need to be in the basement. They can be placed in any area of the home, such as in living rooms or dining rooms, as focal points.

The design options are endless, allowing you to customize your wine cellar according to your own unique style, specific needs, and requirements. Additionally, sources of materials used for modern wine cellars are common, making it easy to find them in case there’s a need to replace damaged parts or add more features.

Contemporary wine cellars are easier to maintain than traditional ones. Metal wine racks are easier to clean and more resistant to warping than wooden wine racks. Metals can be applied with a protective coating to prevent rust.

Since modern wine cellars are more popular and in demand today, having one adds a higher value to your home, which is beneficial when you sell your property in the future.

Popular Modern Wine Cellar Ideas

Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellars

glass enclosed wine cellar

Many collectors love the classic touch of wine cellar doors made of wood.  While wooden doors are beautiful, sometimes you might want your wine collection to be highly visible even when the door is closed.  Your guests will be impressed upon seeing the attractive wine displays as they enter your home.

Whether you have a modern or traditional home, glass wine cellars will add a different twist to your living space. Glass-enclosed wine cellars can be installed with wine racks made of wood, metal or a combination of these materials. It all depends on the ambiance and look the owner want to achieve in his wine room. For a more contemporary-style wine cellar, metal wine racks are a good choice.

Modern Metal Wine Racking

metal wine racks

Metal Wine Racks Allow Easy Browsing of Wine

Metal wine racks are the “in” thing for wine collectors today. Many wine cellar builders have been incorporating metal elements in their wine cellar projects, not just because of its sleekness but also because of its stability, longevity, and sturdiness.

When it comes to convenience in browsing your wines, metal wine racks are a perfect option. Most of these racks are designed in a way that allows wine bottles to be displayed with labels facing out.

Metal wine racks are also recommended for small spaces such as a narrow hallway, a small closet, or under the stairs because they take up less space. They are flexible; they are adjustable and can be fitted in narrow spaces easily.

The Peg System

Peg wine rack system

Stainless Steel Pegs

This modern storage option is composed of all stainless steel pegs that are designed with precise spacing to accommodate both standard and larger-sized bottles. The pegs are smooth to ensure that the wine labels are protected.

The peg system is also flexible in design; it can work around odd corners and angles and tight spaces. It also offers the illusion of floating bottles. Tested under actual wine cellar conditions, the peg wine racking system will ensure your collection is safe.

Label Ladder System

label ladder wine racks

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Since wine racks often occupy the wall space of a wine cellar, your wine rack displays will be dictated by your available wall space. If the room you want to convert into a wine cellar is small, choosing the label ladder system is recommended.

Unlike the peg system, a label ladder is affixed to the floor and ceiling, and not to the wall. This means that you can position your modern label ladder wine racks in the middle of your chosen room.

Like the peg system, this wine rack option allows you to have a floating wine bottle illusion display, making it very much more impressive than traditional wine racks. This also allows easy viewing of wine labels. The bottles are cradled by stainless steel rods built horizontally. The horizontal rods allow 1-3 bottles to be housed laterally.

The rods are tested for endurance. A rod can sustain a person’s weight hanging from it. The label ladder is designed with a combination of metal and wood (bookends).

Label Link

While there are traditional stackable wine racks that allow additional storage in the future, there’s a metal wine rack system that allows you to expand your collection seamlessly and easily. It is called the label link system that offers configuration options: single, double, or triple bottle depths.

label link wine storage system

Expand Your Collection by Adding a New Link

Other systems require you to replace everything and spend more money for the service of builders just to add wine storage space. With label link, expanding the racking is as simple as adding a new link into your existing label link system. You will only spend money on the additional link and nothing more.

Label link is tested to resist erosion. It is also designed and built to keep each bottle secure by using high-quality rubber O-rings. These soft o-rings fasten to the base and neck of the bottle securely.  The label link also allows maximum visibility of the labels and store bottles horizontally like they are floating in the air, creating a really exciting visual effect.

Design and Build Your Modern Wine Cellar with a Professional

Wine Cellar Specialists – a Trusted Texas Wine Cellar Builder

With different options for wine rack styles and materials, it is a good idea to choose a system that provides the maximum benefits to you and your collection.

The peg, label ladder, and label link metal wine rack systems are all created with aesthetics, quality, and convenience in mind.  These 3 different display options can not only showcase your collection beautifully but also allow maximum storage capacity and flexibility. Glass-enclosed wine cellars are also a great option if modern wine storage is desired.

Contact Wine Cellar Specialists at (877) 497-726 now! Let them install a modern-designed wine cellar in your home today.