Wooden Wine Racks San Antonio

As wine collecting is becoming a trend among many wine enthusiasts, it is logical that a lot of different wine related products have evolved and designs have improved. This includes wine cellars, wine art, and wine racks among other things.

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio – Wine Rack Options

Nowadays, wood is top material for wine cellar construction. In San Antonio, Texas, a popular wine cellar manufacturer and designer, Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, has installed beautiful custom wine rooms with wood wine racking systems. View their gallery of completed custom wine rooms at http://www.winecellarspec.com/wine-cellars/.

Wine racks made of wood are very versatile and are very conducive to temperature and humidity changes. Wood does not absorb the cold temperatures that could ruin the wine inside the bottle.

There are certain types of wood that are resistant to warping, shrinking, molds, and mildew. Mahogany, pine, and redwood are on top of the list.

Wine rack selections include single-depth, X-bin, diamond bin, rectangle wine case, curved corner, quarter round, and a lots more. They are categorized as traditional wine racks, custom wine racks, wine rack kits, and a combination of any of these.


Custom wine racks 

Custom wine storage racks are specifically-designed according to the client’s requirements and specifications. These are usually based on the size, shape, and location of the wine cellar, the number of bottles to be stored, and the existing theme of your space.

Most custom made wine racks are made to maximize the space available in the wine cellar. When designing a custom wine rack, activities of the wine owner must be taken into consideration as bars, countertops, and shelves for bulk wines can be incorporated in the overall design. You may also want to add an eco-friendly touch by using reclaimed oak barrel countertops or tasting tables.

Slots for wine glasses below the wine racks can also be included, especially if the wine owner does his entertaining and wine tasting in the wine cellar. As these are custom made, uniqueness and personalized touches can be imparted into the wine cellar design  to achieve the mood that the owner desires in his wine room.


Wooden Wine Rack Kits 

Wooden wine rack kits are modular wine racks in standard sizes. Since these are readily available, you can order them anytime. There is no need to wait for the manufacturer’s design as these are do-it-yourself types of racks.

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio Wine Rack Kits

To ensure solid protection of your investment, each of the wine racks is usually constructed of 1.5 inches toe-kick base and horizontal dado spacer bars. These wine racks are stackable, which makes them ideal for the newbie wine collector. One can purchase a modular rack kit and add another later on as the number of wine bottles grows.


CWC SAN ANTONIOCombining Custom and Wine Rack Kits 

Due to the rising need of clients to have an efficient wine racking system, manufacturers have designed wine rack kits that look like custom made racks. There are modular kits available which allow the owner to create a specific look depending on the size of his San Antonio wine cellar and his own design preference.

One side can be for single wine bottles, and another side can have a modular kit for bulk storage, thus creating a design like no other, giving that distinctive look without the hefty price tag.

 There are a lot of choices open to the wine collector. Research must be done prior to deciding the kind of wooden wine racks to be used. Wine manufacturers have in-house consultants to answer queries and give useful and practical suggestions. These are usually free and done as an additional service to customers.

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