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Challenges Did Not Stop an Expert to Build a Dazzling Wine Cellar in Texas

Creating a design for a wine room located under the stairs can be challenging. Wine Cellar Specialists, has recently completed a wine cellar installation project in Frisco, Texas. They had to determine the perfect racking design and cooling system that would suit the tiny and odd-shaped room. With their teams passion and creativity, they were able to build an attractive storage display for their client’s collection.     

How an Expert Built an Eye-Catching Wine Cellar in a Small and Curved Space

Frisco, Texas Wine Cellar Beautifully Built Under Elegant Curved Staircase

Wine Cellar Beautifully Built Under Elegant Curved Staircase in Frisco, Texas

There are many considerations to think about when building a wine cellar. These include the size of the client’s collection, and the room’s shape, size, and location. Your chosen builder must make a careful assessment on all of your storage requirements before creating a custom design for your home wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top-notch dealers in wine room construction, was hired by a homeowner in Frisco, Texas. The client wanted a small space under their curved staircase to be converted into a functional wine room that will display their collection safely and beautifully.

After Wine Cellar Specialists determined the needs of the client, they found a racking and cooling solution that would fit the size and shape of the room. They started creating 3-dimensional drawings, which showed the different elevations, plan views, and bottle capacities of the wine cellar.

Find out what custom features they incorporated into the racking design and the type of wine cooling system they used to cool the cellar.

Excellent Wine Rack Design for a Small Space

Frisco, Texas Home Wine Cellar Design

Frisco, Texas Home Wine Cellar Design

The wine racks used for this wine cellar construction was manufactured by Iron Wine Cellars LLC. This company has been a partner of Wine Cellar Specialists in their construction projects.

The wine racks were made from Knotty Alder, a type of wood that added a rustic appeal to the wine cellar under the stairs in a Texas home. To create a beautiful finish, Chestnut stain and lacquer were applied.

Space-Efficient Wine Rack System

Wooden Wine Racks Texas Wine Cellar Builder

Wooden Wine Racks Texas Wine Cellar Builder

When you enter this gorgeous wine cellar, you will see a horizontal wine rack with a depth of 6 inches. It can display 750ml bottles in a label forward orientation. Wine Cellar Specialists reduced the height of the first row to provide space for the box that would conceal the cooling unit above the entryway.

The next set of storage racks is a mini-quarter round unit to allow for a smooth transition from the horizontal racks to the curved wall. This type of racking provides an additional storage area for the client’s  decanters, glasses, and other wine accessories that they may want to display. A few bottles can also be stored in this rack in a vertical position.

The core racking is located on the curved area of the room. True radius curved wine racks were used. The top of these 13.5-inch deep wine racks cascades down to the end of the wall. The display row lines the middle section of this wall.

Wine Cellar Specialists installed a lighting system above the display row, adding character to the wine room. The display row also highlights some of the owner’s precious bottles at a 15-degree angle. Storing the bottles in this way will keep moisture in the cork, preventing oxidation. Oxidation occurs if an unwanted amount of oxygen enters the bottle and mixes with the wine.

A rolling case storage rack was installed at the end of the wall. It consists of two rows of a double-deep rolling case at the bottom, and two rows of horizontal storage. Wine Cellar Specialists used roll out shelves for quick access to allow the owner easy access to the back case.

Ideal Cooling Solution for a Small Texas Home Wine Cellar

Ductless Split Cooling Unit for Texas Wine Cellar Installation Project

Ductless Split Cooling Unit for Texas Wine Cellar Installation Project

The wine cellar needed a wine cooling system that could fit well in the space above the door. US Cellar Systems provided the wine cooling unit for this project. Their RM3600 ductless split wine cooling system was a great choice for the small wine cellar.

The evaporator was concealed in a wooden grill cover just above the entryway.

Other advantages of the RM3600 refrigeration unit include maximum performance and efficiency, rust-proof and insulated housing, ETL certified, thermally-protected motor, and pressure-tested.

The descending height of the room’s ceiling causes the air from the cooling unit to blow down into the cellar.

See the different wine cellar cooling options offered by a Texas expert.

Well-Insulated and Elegant Walls and Ceiling

Stonecoat Ceiling Texas Home Wine Cellar Installation

Stonecoat Ceiling Texas Home Wine Cellar Installation

In addition to cooling your wine cellar with a reliable refrigeration system, it is also vital to add insulation to the walls and ceiling of the room.

The optimum storage conditions in a wine room can be maintained if it is sealed properly. The insulation of walls and ceiling must be completed before the installation of the cooling unit and the wine racks.

Room Insulation

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they always make sure that an airtight seal is created in every wine room they build. Imagine providing your wines a place where they can age without being damaged by heat, molds and/or mildew. The lifespan of your cooling unit will also be extended because no external elements can affect the function of the equipment.

There are two types of insulation used in building wine cellars: closed and open cell foam.

In this custom home wine cellar project in Texas, closed spray foam was used. It was proven efficient in preventing air leakage. Another advantage of this insulation option is its ability to seal the room from dusts and pollens.

Stylish Walls and Ceiling

Stonecoat, which is made of crushed limestone from France, was blown onto the walls of the cellar, the ceiling of the bar area, the underside of the adjacent staircase landing, and the kitchen’s front counter. The customer chose to match the color and texture of the exterior walls near the room.

Ornate Custom Wine Cellar Door

Choosing a custom door allows you to choose your own design and material for the entrance of your wine cellar. In this installation project, the client wanted their wine display to be visible from outside the cellar, so we used an arched iron door with glass panel at the center. We also added a wrought iron ornate design over the top and bottom of the glass panel, to match the existing railings of the owner’s staircase.

Start Your Wine Room Project

Wine Cellar Specialists can turn a small space in your Texas home into a magnificent wine room. Contact them today at +1 (866 ) 646-7089.