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Texas Wine Cellars – 5 Best Wine Gifts for Wine Collectors

For those of us who have friends that are true wine lovers, we can all agree that it is quite hard to buy gifts for them. They have very discerning tastes and they already know or probably own the finest wines out there, so that eliminates a bottle of vintage as a possible wine gift. So what is left for us to buy for them? Here are five suggestions.

Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers

RIEDEL1. Riedel Wine Glasses  

The Riedel Wine Glass Company is renowned the world over for their fine quality, hand-blown crystal glasses. Wine quality is enhanced by the kind of glasses that Riedel manufactures, which takes into consideration the harmony between the shape, length, and stem of a wine glass.

This enhances the balance, finish, bouquet, and taste of wine. These delicate glasses are every wine lover’s dream come true because they really do create an altogether different wine tasting experience in your Texas wine cellar.

WINE COOLER COUNTERTOP2. Counter-Top Wine Cooler  

The tendency of most people is that they consume their wines too cold and their red wines too warm. This is especially true if you are bringing the wines out of a wine cellar or wine cabinet and bringing them somewhere else before serving.

counter-top wine cooler allows you to store up to a dozen bottles and keep them in their ideal temperature longer before serving time. Portable countertop wine coolers are lightweight, quiet, and easy to bring along wherever you need to go.

WINE BOOK3. A Book About Wine  

One of the best books about wine is Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson’s The World Atlas of Wine. This is a must-read for every wine lover, with each new edition giving very up-to-date, useful information about the different wine regions in the world. The photos are quite amazing too. Whether you’re just starting your wine collection or are a seasoned sommelier, there is something for you to pick up from this book.

DECANTER4. Pinot Noir Wine Decanter  

Pinot Noir is a wine variety that has been steadily gaining popularity over the years. So much so that it now has its very own wine decanter. The one from Riedel features an ultra-modern design, which is barrel-shaped and has a straight neck to allow your wine to breathe a little before it is served. Proper decanting allows separation of wine from its sediments, eliminating the bitter or astringent flavor.

Decanting also helps in the development of more complex aromas of wine. You must know which types of wine in your wine storage space needs to be decanted and make sure not to over decant to avoid ruining the wine.


WINE BLENDING KIT5. Wine Blending Kit for the home  

Fusebox teaches you how to blend like an artist, with a kit that includes enough wine materials to concoct eight separate blends. Winemaking is brought to a whole new level of appreciation with this kit that you can tinker with at home.


In gift giving, they say it’s the thought that counts. But it is undeniable that many of us still love to receive personalized and unique gifts, right? Wine Cellar Specialists offers wine-related gifts that can be a perfect present anytime of the year. Check out these wine gift accessories at or contact them at 866-646-7089 for inquiries.