Increase Your Wine Cellar’s Appeal With IronWine Cellars’ Cable Wine Racks

Wine cellars are valuable parts of homes, hotels, and restaurants. Everything you place inside your wine cellar and the design it comes with influences the value of your property. That’s why it’s important to utilise wine cellar components that are one-of-a-kind — like IronWine Cellars’ cable wine racks! IronWine Cellars has created some of the most uniquely-built wine racks in the industry, and their cable racks are unlike any other. Learn more about these cable racks by reading through this article!

IronWine Cellars’ Ceiling-Mounted Cable Wine Racks Are Next Level

You’ve probably seen thousands of wooden and metal wine racks while scanning through design inspirations, but have you considered cable wine racks for your wine cellar? Cable wine racks are great for modern and contemporary wine cellars, especially if you’re going with a glass design. Cable racks make your entire wine collection look like they’re floating, and if you’re running a business, these racks will surely make your customers’ heads turn.


In this wine cellar, both ends of IronWine Cellars’ cable wine racks are anchored onto acrylic L.E.D. boards.

If you want to order these cable wine racks for your wine cellar today, you can get them straight from IronWine Cellars or call Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio at +1 (210) 591 – 1595.