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How a Vinotemp Custom Wine Cabinet Can Turn an Under the Stairs Space into an Impressive Wine Display Area

Custom Wine Cabinet Under the Stairs Triangular

Custom Wine Cabinet Under the Stairs San Antonio

Do you want to invest in a safe and beautiful wine storage area for your collection, but don’t have a large room and the right budget for it? If you have an unused space under your stairway, you can utilize it for your home wine cellar conversion project. All you need to do is hire a master builder in San Antonio. Wine Cellar Specialists offers the Vinotemp custom wine cabinets, an affordable and effective wine storage solution.    

Elegant and Practical Way to Display Your Wine Collection Under the Stairs

Financial and space constraints are the common reasons that hinder many homeowners from starting their wine cellar installation project. They tend to think that they need a large room and will have to spend a hefty amount of money in order to have a safe and elegant wine storage and display area.

They may opt for a fully built wine cellar under the stairs. However, it will require a considerable amount of money to finish the project.

A great alternative to a wine cellar is a wine cabinet. Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our most trusted dealers, recommends the Vinotemp custom wine cabinets.

This innovative wine storage solution is ideal for budget-savvy collectors who want to add style to their home while protecting their favorite vintages from environmental factors.

Other Advantages of Custom Wine Cabinets by Vinotemp

Double Door Custom Wine Cabinet with Front Exhaust

Double Door Custom Wine Cabinet with Front Exhaust

Unlike a fully built wine cellar, there is no need to overhaul, frame, or insulate the room. Additionally, no flooring installation is required.

Like personalized wine rooms, the Vinotemp wine cabinets can be customized to fit the shape and size of your space and the size of your collection as well. The units are available in different lengths and depths to cater to the unique requirements of each client.

If the bottles in your collection come in various sizes, you can request Wine Cellar Specialists to incorporate rack openings for small, medium, and large format bottles.

Other custom features that you can add to your wine cabinet are storage areas for chocolates, cigars, snacks, and a lot more.

High-Quality Exterior Materials

Two-Sided Under Stairs Custom Wine Cabinet

Two-Sided Under Stairs Custom Wine Cabinet

The right choice of cabinet material will affect the overall appeal of your wine storage facility. Depending on the theme of your home and your personal preference, you may opt for a wine cabinet constructed from Luan Mahogany, White Oak, or Cherry Wood.

To determine which of these wood species will meet your aesthetic needs, you must know their properties.

Properties of the Wine Cabinet Wood

Luan Mahogany is the perfect choice if you want less grain on the wood. With color ranging from pink to reddish brown, your wine cabinet will add a classic appeal to your home.

White Oak is a favorite material for the exterior of wine cabinets. It is attractive and can complement any existing cabinetry or furniture. It is also affordable and highly resistant to rot.

Cherry wood can have pinkish to reddish tones. To provide it with a sophisticated look, Wine Cellar Specialists recommends staining it with a light color.

Safe Wine Storage Environment in Vinotemp Wine Cabinets

Wine Cooling Unit Brushed Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet Under the Stairs

Cooling Unit Brushed Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet Under the Stairs San Antonio Builders

One of the most important features that you should look for in a wine cabinet is its ability to maintain a stable storage environment, which will allow wine to age gracefully. Wine Cellar Specialists always wants their customer’s collection to be safe. Their Vinotemp custom wine cabinets are built with proper insulation and reliable cooling unit.


You need not worry about your wine’s safety if you invest in a Vinotemp custom wine cabinet, because it has proper insulation.

This will prevent the cool air from escaping and the warm air from entering the unit, protecting wine from damage due to an unstable temperature and variable humidity levels.

To create an airtight seal, the door comes with weather stripping. Without it, there will be air leakage even when the door is closed. In addition to preserving your wine’s quality, proper insulation will also keep your energy consumption low, because your cooling unit will not work harder than its normal operation.

Installed with an Efficient Wine Cooling System

The absence of a high-quality refrigeration system in your cabinet will deteriorate wine easily. Wine Cellar Specialists’ Vinotemp custom wine cabinets come with a 1500 BTU refrigeration unit, which regulates the temperature between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit. It has an oversized evaporator, which helps maintain the ideal humidity levels (60-70 percent).

Stylish and Functional Line of Wine Cabinets

Brushed Stainless Steel Modular Under the Stairs Wine Cabinet

Brushed Stainless Steel Modular Under the Stairs Wine Cabinet

To accommodate the specific requirements of each homeowner, the Vinotemp custom wine cabinets come in various styles and materials. Whether you love the look of wood or glass, there is a perfect option for you.

Stainless Modular Wine Cabinet

For wine collectors who want a contemporary touch in their living space, the stainless steel wine cabinet is a good choice.

Wire Wine Racking Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet

Wire Wine Racking Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet

The metal racking is available in single, double, and triple deep configurations. It displays the bottles in a label forward display orientation for easy access to wines.

In addition to convenience, the label forward display also eliminates the need to flip the bottle if you want to locate a specific type of wine. This protects the wine from having an unpleasant taste and aroma caused by disturbed sediments.

The pole door handles complement the exterior of the cabinet. The unit comes with blue LED lighting, which you may opt to customize for a dramatic effect.

LED lights are safe to use in wine storage units because they emit minimal amount of heat. Excessive heat exposure will ruin the wine.

In order to achieve the optimum conditions needed for long-term storage, two refrigeration systems were installed in the cabinet. There is a digital temperature control for easy monitoring.

Wood and Glass Wine Cabinets

2-Door Wine Cabinet with Trellis Style Wine Racks

2-Door Wooden Wine Cabinet with Trellis Style Wine Racks and Glass Doors

Wood and glass are popular materials for constructing high-class pieces of furniture. Wine Cellar Specialists offers wine cabinets made from these materials.

These triangular cabinets can vent through the side or back wall. When choosing this type of wine cabinet, keep in mind that you will need a separate room for the cooling unit vent.

You can choose from Redwood and Aluminum, all-wood, or wire racking.  The wine rack consists of 3 ¾” storage openings to accommodate most bottle sizes.

The wood components can be customized to blend with your existing home décor. The cabinet doors can be made from solid wood or glass.

Need an Expert to Transform Your Space into an Elegant Wine Storage Area? We Will Help You.

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio works with Wine Cellar Specialists, a master builder who has extensive experience in providing practical and stylish wine storage solutions to homeowners in Texas. Do you want to have one of their Vinotemp custom wine cabinets for your space under the stairs? Contact them today at +1 (201) 591-1595.