Metal Wine Racks Add Style and Functionality to Your Custom Wine Cellar in San Antonio

San Antonio Modular classic series wine racks with metal trays

One of the challenges in building a wine cellar is choosing the right type of wine rack for your needs. There are factors to consider when choosing your wine storage system. At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we offer metal wine racks to add style and functionality to your wine cellar.  

Go with Metal Wine Racks to Add a Modern Touch to Your Wine Cellar 

Why settle for mediocre wine racks when you can have a stylish and functional storage system in your wine cellar? Your prized wines deserve the best place where they can preserve their desirable characteristics.  

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we care for your wines. We always choose the best components in building wine cellars to achieve form and function. We recommend metal wine rack systems for collectors who love modern design.  

How Metal Wine Racks Affect the Overall Appeal of Your Wine Cellar 

High-end homes, restaurants, hotels, stores, and bars usually display wines in a sleek wine storage system. Metal wine racks have been a favorite storage solution in the construction industry because of their many benefits. 

Flexible Design Options   

Ultra Wine Saddle Metal Racking System by San Antonio Builders

Ultra Wine Saddle Metal Racking System by San Antonio Builders

Just like the wooden wine rack system, you can choose between modular and custom-made metal wine racks. The modular racks are pre-built. They are available in different styles, sizes, and heights.  

Custom wine racks are a bit more expensive than pre-made wine racks. However, they are the best option if you want a storage system that fits perfectly in your wine room. Additionally, customizing your wine racks also allows you to incorporate your own design into the racking.  

If your wine cellar had to be built in an irregular-shaped room (e.g., under the staircase), custom wine racks are recommended.   

Complement Any Décor and Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Space 

San Antonio Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks

San Antonio Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks are known to match almost any décor. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, this type of racking system will go well with your space. 

Metal wine cellar racks look sleek and elegant. They create a minimalist wine storage and display area. They also add a luxurious touch to your space. 

Save Space an

d Maximize Storage Capacity 

When creating wine rack systems, Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio always makes sure that the design maximizes the storage capacity of the wine room.  

We usually recommend metal wine racks for areas where space is limited because the units can be installed on the walls. This eliminates the use of floor space. Moreover, metal wine racks can fit easily even in the corners of a room.  

Provide Convenience in Locating a Specific Type of Wine 

Metal wine racks offered by Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio display the bottles in a label forward orientation. This means that the labels are facing out, allowing for ease in browsing a specific type of wine. You do not have to flip the bottle to see the description of the wine. 

Keep in mind that flipping the bottle will disturb the wine’s sediments, which may cause off flavors and unpleasant tastes. You do not want to have a bad wine in your collection. 

For wine cellars in dining establishments, the label forward configuration prevents the customers from waiting too long for their favorite wine to be served. Moreover, wine inventory will be much easier when the labels are facing out. 

Modern Metal Wine Rack Systems Offered by San Antonio Experts 

Ultra PEG HZ Metal Wine Rack Display

Ultra PEG HZ Metal Wine Rack Display

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we offer different metal wine rack systems to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We have Ultra PEG, VintageView, and Cable wine storage systems. 

Ultra PEG Metal Wine Rack System 

If you want to bring a boring wall to life, our Ultra PEG wine racks are the ideal option. They are designed to display your wine collection impressively without occupying floor space.  

The Ultra PEG system makes use of stainless steel rods, which are attached to a wooden backsplash. You may opt for custom backer boards or pre-made panels, depending on your personal preference.  

Ultra PEG HZ Single Metal Wine Rack with Black Pegs

Ultra PEG HZ Single Metal Wine Rack with Black Pegs

Every two pegs can hold one bottle with the neck facing out. The pegs are arranged in rows and display the bottles as if they are floating in the air. You can vary the spacing of the pegs to create a more eye-catching display. 

For wine cellar owners in San Antonio who have a growing wine collection, our Ultra PEG metal wine racks allow them to add more bottles in a hassle-free way. You just have to purchase more rods to accommodate newly added bottles to your collection.

You do not have to modify the whole racking. This eliminates the need to spend for the labor fee of your designer and builder.  

VintageView Metal Wine Racks    

VintageView Evolution Series Wine Racks with Extension for Modern San Antonio Wine Cellars

VintageView Evolution Series Wine Racks with Extension for Modern San Antonio Wine Cellars

Another contemporary racking widely used in wine cellar construction in San Antonio is the VintageView storage system. These type of wine racks will impress your friends who see your residential wine cellar display. VintageView wine racks will also increase the resale value of your home.  

With a stellar design and proper placement in your commercial wine cellar, our VintageView wine racks will help boost your wine sales by attracting potential customers.

Another advantage of wine racks manufactured by VintageView is their label forward orientation, which allows for finding a bottle of wine within a shorter time.  

The Evolution Series by VintageView are standalone units, which are engineered from acrylic panels and chrome plated rods. They are available in different heights and store the bottles horizontally. 

Cable Wine Rack System 

Cable Wine Rack System by San Antonio Builders

Cable Wine Rack System by San Antonio Builders

One of the hottest trends in wine cellar design is the Cable wine rack system. Like the VintageView wine racks, you do not have to pull out the bottle from the wine rack to see the wine description because the labels are facing out. The spacing between each bottle promotes better air circulation around the bottle. Continuous airflow results in a consistent storage temperature.  

The Cable wine storage system is also versatile because it can be designed to accommodate various bottle sizes. Vibrations are also minimal when you store your collection in cables.  

Two cables can accommodate one bottle. The clamps help secure the cables on the wall. If you want your collection to look like they are floating in midair, our Cable wine rack system is a great option. 

Custom options include accent lighting, floating shelves, and angle bottle displays. Keep in mind that all of the components of the Cable wine rack system must be installed by certified installers.  

Invest in a Modern Wine Cellar by Choosing Metal Wine Racks 

Work with Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio to create a sleek wine storage and display area in your residential or commercial wine room. Our metal wine racks are all made from high-quality materials.  

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