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Don’t Just Dump Old Wine Barrels into Landfills. Use Them to Make Your San Antonio Home Wine Cellar Unique.

Help save our planet Earth while enjoying the beauty of old oak barrels in your wine cellar. A master builder in San Antonio, Texas can make your residential wine storage room a beautiful haven for your collection using wood strips from used wine barrels.

Using Oak Wine Barrels for a “Green” and Unique Wine Cellar

wine barrels

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Winemakers don’t use oak wine barrels to store wine for more than 5 years. This is because wine barrels lose their ability to impart complex flavors in wine. Although these barrels can last for 100 or more years, using them again to ferment wine after 5 years will cause unpleasant taste and aromas in wine.

After fulfilling their purpose for storing wine, oak barrels should not be dumped into the landfill. With creativity and resourcefulness, they can be repurposed to create something that can add beauty to your home.

Many wine cellar builders in San Antonio, Texas, including Wine Cellar Specialists, have found ways to use reclaimed oak wine barrels in their residential projects. They have created flooring, tabletops, wine racks and carvings out of wine barrels.

This is a good option for environment conscious wine enthusiasts. Wine rooms built from reclaimed oak barrels provide a safe place for their collection, and also allow them to have a home wine cellar in San Antonio, Texas with “green” and unique features.

One-of-a-Kind Flooring

When entering a wine room, the flooring is often the first thing that guests see. Tiles, cork and hardwood are common materials used in wine cellar construction in Texas, but many homeowners still go for reclaimed wine barrel flooring because of its aesthetic benefits.

Imagine stepping on the planks of wood with brand markings, stamps and natural stains of wine. These unique markings and stains on your flooring will make you feel like you’re in a vineyard or winery.

Types of Wine Barrel Flooring

wine barrel flooring styles

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Different parts of the barrel can be used for the flooring. If you want to achieve burgundy colored flooring, you can opt for wine infusion flooring, which makes use of the interior parts of the oak barrels. The burgundy color is the result of the natural stain from wine that the barrels once contained.

You can go for cooperage if you want deep patinas, cooper’s stamps, and other special markings to be seen on your wine cellar flooring. These markings denote the type and vintage of the wine once stored in the barrels, the winery’s name, and the cooper’s signature. Cooperage flooring makes use of the top and bottom parts of the barrel.

Stave flooring is manufactured using the exterior portions of the barrel, creating a brown and weathered look. The markings come from the metal hoops around the barrels. The curved wood strips are straightened and engineered to achieve the desired flooring for your San Antonio home wine cellar.

With repurposed wine barrel flooring, each piece is distinct. No two planks are the same, because the markings of the metal hoops, insignia stamps, and wine stains of each barrel are unique.

Stunning and Romantic Wine Display with Wine Barrel Racks

wine barrel racking

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In addition to flooring, wood from used oak barrels are also widely used in wine rack construction. Repurposing old barrels into wine racks is another great way of being friendly to the environment while adding richness to the overall appearance of your storage space. Reclaimed wine barrel racks add an old world charm and romantic ambiance to your residential wine cellar.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, these wine racks are also sturdy enough to hold your collection if built properly by an expert. Talk to your chosen builder about customization options for your racking. Having oak barrel racking in your wine cellar will create a smell of winery in the room.

Other Ways to Use Oak Barrels to Accentuate Your San Antonio Home Wine Cellar

With the natural appeal and durability of oak wine barrels, the wood strips derived from them can also be utilized to accentuate your residential wine room. Wine barrel tabletops and carvings are some of the most popular and attractive additions to your wine room.

Wine Barrel Tabletops

wine barrel tabletop

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Old oak barrels are also a great source of material for making tabletops. Tabletops can function as a space for decanting and tasting different vintages in your collection.

They can also provide extra storage space for wine and other accessories in your wine storage room. Choosing reclaimed wine barrels for your tabletop will add elegance and character to your wine cellar.

Wine Barrel Carvings

wine barrel carvings

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In Texas, accentuating home wine cellars with wine barrel carvings is a trend. If you want one in your wine room, discuss the design options with your chosen designer. You may want your own design to be carved on the whole barrel or the barrel end. Depending on your personal preference, the carving can be left unfinished or painted. Wine barrel carvings allow you to have a personalized touch in your storage room.

Do You Want to Have a “Green” and Unique Wine Cellar? Contact an Expert.

If you’re considering having your own beautiful residential wine room built in an eco-friendly way, opt for flooring, racking, and other accents made from reclaimed oak barrels. You can be proud, not only of the old-world appeal of your wine cellar, but also of your love for our planet.

Let Wine Cellar Specialists, a master builder in San Antonio, Texas, design and install your “green” residential wine cellar built from those round containers once used to hold wine. Contact them today at +1 (210) 591-1595.