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Drive More Sales with Dazzling Metal Wine Cellar Racks Manufactured by San Antonio Builders


Modern Restaurant with Metal Wine Rack Display. CLICK HERE to see image full-sized.

How can you boost your wine sales? One marketing strategy for owners of restaurants, bars, hotels, or retail stores is to make sure that their product presentation is dazzling. At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we will help our clients increase their profit by creating a commercial wine cellar design that can WOW customers!

The Impact of Impressive Wine Displays on Your Sales

Wine plays a significant part in a hospitality setting. Displaying your wine bottles in regular shelves will not entice clienteles to check your products.

More and more dining establishments are finding modern and innovative ways to attract the attention of customers. One of these strategies is by showcasing their wine collection in a racking system designed by a professional.

Metal Wine Rack Systems for Commercial Applications

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we create stellar designs for commercial wine cellars. We offer various metal wine storage systems, engineered and manufactured from high-quality materials. Our storage methods are designed, not only to help boost wine sales but also to maximize storage capacity.

Let us help you create an effective custom wine display. Discuss with us all of your requirements and we will provide you with 3-dimensional drawings of your wine room for free. You can choose from our various metal wine rack systems: STACT, VintageView, Ultra Peg Series, and Degré 12.

STACT Modular Wine Racks

Custom Wine Display Stact Metal Racking

Custom Wine Display STACT Metal Racking. CLICK HERE to see image full-sized.

Catch the attention of potential customers by using STACT modular wine racks. These storage units can turn any bland wall into an elegant wine display area.

They are widely used in high-end hospitality settings to enhance the dining experience.

Since they are designed to mount on walls, they don’t occupy floor space, making it an ideal option for tiny spaces. STACT wine racks allow the owner to increase the bottle capacity by just adding more supports and panels. There’s no need to modify the whole racking.

The bottles are supported with aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized supports, which are attached to durable panels constructed from lacquered premium-grade wood veneer.

We offer a wide array of finish options including walnut, white oak, gray oak, zebra wood, gunmetal gray, citrus green, and blackout.  Mixing different panel colors can result in an awe-inspiring focal point in any wall.

To make sure that the panels are fastened securely on the wall brackets (the backbone of the STACT Series), we equip them with anchors. The brackets connect the panels together on the wall. Every kit comes with an instruction manual with easy-to-follow steps.

VintageView Wine Racks

VintageView Metal Single-Deep Wine Racks

VintageView Metal Single-Deep Wine Racks. CLICK HERE to see image full-sized.

VintageView has been providing modern wine storage solutions to Wine Cellar Specialists’ clients. You may opt for free-standing or stand-alone wine racks.

The Evolution Series racking system makes use of engineered steel rods. The wine racks are available in various heights to suit the size of your space. The bottles are stored horizontally with the labels facing out, providing convenience to customers when browsing wines.

Another line of VintageView wine racks is the Vino Pins, which can be mounted on the wood, concrete, or drywall. They are available in 1-, 2-, or 3-bottle deep configurations. The pins are made from aluminum and hold the bottles in a label-forward orientation.

Ultra PEG Series

Ultra PEG Series Contemporary Metal Wine Racks

Ultra PEG Series Contemporary Metal Wine Racks. CLICK HERE to see image full-sized.

Wine Cellar Specialists offers the Ultra PEG wine storage system. Its versatility allows you to expand your collection with convenience. You just need to add more stainless steel pegs for additional bottles. The pegs are attached to a wooden backsplash.

The Ultra PEG Series wine racks are ideal for tiny wine rooms because they don’t occupy floor space. They are designed to mount on the wall, displaying the bottles with the neck facing out. Backsplash options include Cherry, Red Oak, Black Walnut, and Alder.

Degré 12 Wine Rack System

Another line of racking recommended for commercial wine cellars is the Degré 12 wine storage system. The units are engineered for stability, versatility, and visual appeal. You can choose from our Classic, Sliding, or Gravity Series.

Classic Series

magnum bottles in modular Classic metal wine racks

Magnum Bottles in Modular Classic Metal Wine Racks. CLICK HERE to see image full-sized.

Made from black painted steel, our Classic Series wine racks are durable and offer maximum storage capacity. They store wines in bulk, making it easy for the owner to organize and monitor their wines in stock.

When choosing this style of commercial wine rack, you don’t need to remove the walls or ceiling. The units can stand alone in the center of a wine cellar or they can be installed in the corner of a wall against the wall.

There are various height options to suit any room size. The depth can be for single or double storage, and the width can be customized.

We can incorporate trays in your racking design. Our fixed trays can accommodate one or more layers of bottles. The sliding trays for bottles are intended for holding one case per tray. For easier access to wines, you may opt for sliding trays for wood cases.

Sliding Series

metal wine storage system Sliding Series Racks

Metal Wine Storage System Sliding Series Racks. CLICK HERE to see image full-sized.

A luxurious wine cabinet can be a great alternative for a wine cellar. Climate-controlled wine cabinets with metal racks are recommended for tiny spaces.

Height can be between 63-98.5 inches. We can build single or double deep racking for your establishment.

The sliding trays are designed to store 750ml bottles, magnums, and wooden cases. We have a 3-level sliding tray, which stores the bottles flat, at an angle, or in wood cases.

Each tray is equipped with self-closing features and self-braking stops for convenience.

Gravity Series

Gravity Series metal wine racks with built in LEDs

Gravity Series metal wine racks with built in LEDs. CLICK HERE to see image full-sized.

Display your products in a sleek racking system. The Gravity Series metal wine racks make use of ultra slim metal pins, displaying the bottles as if they are floating in the air. The pins are attached to a metal mast, which is fastened securely to the floor and ceiling.

A standard or magnum bottle can occupy two pins. With the bottles stored on their sides, it is convenient to grab a bottle of wine from the Gravity Series wine rack.

This bottle orientation also allows the labels to be seen easily. Customers don’t have to spend much time selecting their favorite vintage.

How you illuminate the bottles has a big impact on the overall appeal of your wine cellar. The Gravity Series has a built-in LED lighting system. The lights can be installed in some of the metal pins or the top section of the mast pointing down on the bottles.

Increase Your Wine Sales with Sophisticated Metal Racks

Boost your wine sales by hiring a professional builder who can design a luxurious commercial wine cellar for your establishment. Contact Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio at +1 (866 ) 646-7089!