How San Antonio Experts Designed a Commercial Wine Cellar to Help Increase a Restaurant’s Wine Sales

Sleek Commercial Wine Cellar Project by San Antonio Experts

Sleek Commercial Wine Cellar Project by San Antonio Experts

A high-end restaurant in Richardson, Texas, serves sumptuous dishes and fine wines. They have a bar area within the dining room. The owner contacted Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our dealers in Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, to seek help in designing a modern commercial wine cellar that would help increase their sales revenue. Learn more about the features of the wine room.     

San Antonio Experts Designed and Installed a Modern Commercial Wine Cellar for Top-Notch Restaurant in Texas  

Some commercial establishments like restaurants, hotels, bars, and stores that sell wine may have used different marketing strategies to increase their sales revenue but failed. At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we recommend our clients to invest in a refrigerated and elegant wine display and storage area.  

Jasper’s Restaurant Richardson Texas Custom Wine Cellar Project by San Antonio Builders

Jasper’s Restaurant Richardson Texas Custom Wine Cellar Project by San Antonio Builders

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our top dealers in San Antonio, completed a commercial wine cellar installation project for a high-end restaurant. Their experienced and creative team was able to create an outstanding design for Jasper’s Restaurant.  They also maximized the storage capacity of the room despite the small space.  

How a Tastefully Designed Wine Cellar Benefits a San Antonio Wine Business

One of the main reasons many restaurant owners invest in a wine cellar is to increase wine sales. When designed with a professional, proper presentation and storage of wines will help generate profit. Customers prefer to relax and dine in a restaurant with an impressive wine display area. 

Impressive Wine Display Will Encourage Diners to Purchase Your Wines  

A sumptuous meal is ideally paired with a glass of good wine. A smart restaurant owner should keep in mind that a wine room with an exceptional design will attract the customer’s attention. When they come to your restaurant, they will be impressed with an elegant wine display in the wine room, which will encourage them to take a look at the wines that you sell. This may result in a purchase. 

If you store your wines in cardboard boxes or display them on regular shelves, do not expect many customers to be interested in checking the available wines in your restaurant.  At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we work with knowledgeable builders in the industry to help entrepreneurs generate wine sales by designing a wine room with aesthetic appeal.  

A Sophisticated Commercial Wine Cellar Built by a San Antonio Specialist Will Enhance the Dining Experience of Customers 

View of the Custom Wine Cellar Beside the Bar Area of Jasper's Restaurant

View of the Custom Wine Cellar Beside the Bar Area of Jasper’s Restaurant

If you are a restaurant owner of a commercial establishment in San Antonio, you want to enhance your customer’s experience by adding a wine cellar in your facility. There is nothing more romantic than eating in a restaurant with a stunning wine display area and relaxing music in the background. 

A relaxing ambiance enhances your customers’ experience. After dining in your restaurant, they will go back next time and purchase your wines. They might even tell their friends and relatives about your wine cellar and products.  

Proper Wine Storage  

Storing wines in a room with a regular air conditioner is a no-no. Wine is sensitive to heat, light, odor, and vibration. If you do not have a climate-controlled wine room, your wines will deteriorate. Selling bad wines will have a negative effect on your business’ reputation. Your guests might never buy nor dine in from your restaurant after buying a bad wine from your establishment in San Antonio. You do not want this to happen, do you? 

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio and Wine Cellar Specialists, we use only commercial grade wine cooling systems in building wine cellars. We always want our clients to enjoy their favorite vintages for many years to come.  

Commercial Wine Cellar in Jasper’s Restaurant Designed with Contemporary Features by San Antonio Experts 

Front and Left Wall Commercial Wine Cellar Texas

Front and Left Wall Commercial Wine Cellar Texas

On this particular wine room project, the owner who owned a business in San Antonio, wanted a contemporary commercial wine cellar in his restaurant. The small space was located beside the bar area in the dining room. Despite the space constraints, the Wine Cellar Specialists team was able to maximize the storage capacity without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the wine room.  

San Antonio’s Creative Builders Incorporated Stylish Wine Racks for a Modern Commercial Wine Cellar   

Wine Cellar Specialists has been designing and installing custom wine cellars in and around the Texas area. The owner of Jasper’s Restaurant wanted contemporary wine rack design that would complement the existing theme of their dining area.  

After a careful assessment of the client’s requirements, Wine Cellar Specialists provided a racking solution with form and function in mind. They also made sure that the racking design maximized the capacity of the room. 

Features of Wine Racks Installed by San Antonio Experts in a Commercial Wine Cellar    

On this particular project, Wine Cellar Specialists installed metal wine racks from one of the trusted manufacturers in the United States: VintageView. At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we recommend metal in building contemporary commercial wine cellars.  

Metal wine racks look sleek and add character to the wine cellar. They also save space because they can be mounted on a wall. 

In this wine room installation project, Wine Cellar Specialists used floor-to-ceiling wine racks to increase the number of bottles that could be stored in the cellar. Upon entering the wine cellar, the first set of metal wine racks are triple deep. This section is visible from the dining area. The left and back walls, which consist of wall-mounted wine racks, are also 3-bottle deep.  

Benefits VintageView Metal Wine Racks  

3-Deep Wine Cellar Display by San Antonio Storage Experts

3-Deep Metal Wine Cellar Display by San Antonio Storage Experts

VintageView has been providing innovative wine rack solutions for wine enthusiasts. Their metal wine racks are manufactured from high-quality materials and designed to last for many years. Their racking systems store the bottles in a label forward orientation. The wine labels are facing out, allowing for easy access.  

Customers do not have to flip each bottle of wine to check the name, variety, and alcohol content of the wine. Flipping the bottle will alter the chemical properties of the wine, affecting its flavor and texture.  

Wine Cellar Cooling System: an Important Component in Building Commercial Wine Cellars in San Antonio 

An efficient wine refrigeration system will ensure that your wines reached their proper maturation before they are served. It will keep your wine products in good quality. It is best that you choose a builder who understands the importance of proper wine storage. 

In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists installed a High Static Series (HS10000 model) manufactured by US Cellar Systems. Since it is a ducted split system, ductwork was required. They placed the evaporator above the ceiling and the compressor on the upper level of the restaurant. 

A Specialist in San Antonio Will Help Build Your Commercial Wine Cellar for Increased Wine Sales 

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio has been working with trusted dealers in wine room construction. We aim to provide our clients with innovative commercial wine storage solutions.  

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