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It’s Not Impossible to Have a Stylish Texas Home Wine Cellar in a Small Space

It’s wrong to think that only homeowners with a big room can provide their collection a safe and beautiful storage place. If you have a small walk-in closet, garage, under-the-stairs space, or any tiny space in your house that you want to convert into a refrigerated wine room, an expert can help you. See how Wine Cellar Specialists built out a tiny room in Colleyville, Texas, into a stylish home wine cellar

A Magnificent Wine Room Built in a Small Space

home wine room by Wine Cellar Specialists in Texas

Home Wine Cellar Project in Colleyville, Texas

Building a climate-controlled wine cellar can be challenging task, but with the help of a professional builder, any small space can be transformed into a magnificent home wine room.

Wine Cellar Specialists has installed a functional and appealing storage facility for a wine enthusiast in Colleyville, a city in Texas.

With many years of experience in wine construction, Wine Cellar Specialists has been our partner in wine cellar projects in Texas.

They always make sure that every wine room is designed with visual appeal, and installed with the right components. Their main goal is to provide the right environments for their clients’ collections.

Achieving the Optimum Storage Conditions with the Right Wine Cooling System

Ducting with Wine Guardian Refrigeration System in Colleyville, Texas Project

Wine Guardian Ducted Self-Contained Unit

Wine deteriorates easily in poor storage conditions. It can reach its peak of maturity if it is aged in a Colleyville, Texas home wine cellar equipped with an efficient refrigeration system.

Air conditioners used in homes and offices are not designed to maintain the ideal conditions needed in proper wine storage.

With the different types and brands of cooling systems, it is best to seek the help of a storage expert. This will ensure that your chosen wine refrigeration unit has the capacity and features that best suit the size of your room, the number of bottles you intend to age, aesthetic needs, and your budget.

In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists used a ducted self-contained unit, manufactured by Wine Guardian. This type of cooling system has the capacity to cool any sized room, and offers flexibility in design and installation.

The unit, which was installed in a conditioned attic above the cellar, produces minimal noise. In addition to quiet operation, another advantage of this cooling option is that it will not take up racking space.

With an aim to meet the unique requirements of their clients, Wine Guardian offers several types of cooling systems. All of their cooling products are known for their high performance, unique features, and ease of installation.

An Eco-Friendly Flooring Choice for the Colleyville, Texas Home Wine Cellar

Wine Barrel Flooring Texas

Wine Barrel Flooring Texas

Wine Cellar Specialists incorporated an eco-friendly feature in this home wine cellar project. They used reclaimed wine barrels for the flooring.

The planks of wood came from the top and bottom parts of the used wine barrels, called Cooperage.

These parts are engineered to create unique flooring that displays markings from different vineyards.

This flooring option creates a classic touch in wine rooms, making it a favorite choice of many residential owners.

Learn more about creative ways to reuse wine barrels by clicking here.

Quality and Appealing Custom Wine Racks

In creating a wine rack design, there are important factors to consider. These include the mood that the owner wants to have in his or her wine cellar, the number of wines intended to be stored, and the size of the area where the racking will be installed.

These requirements must be assessed by your chosen builder, to determine the right material and components that will suit your wine rack needs. This will help achieve the functionality and final appearance that you desire for your Colleyville, Texas home wine cellar.

Gorgeous Wood for the Racking

Wine Cellar Specialists used wine racks made from premium redwood in this small wine room installation project. This wood, which is reddish in color, is a favorite material in wine rack construction because of its streaks, which add appeal to the storage racks.

Custom Wine Racks with Grapevine Design Installed

18.Wine Cellar with Window to Kitchen in Colleyville, Texas Project

Custom Wood Wine Rack Design (Left Wall)

The racking on the left side wall has individual bottle storage slots at the top section. A half-height quarter round display rack was added to the right side of these single slots.  After the quarter round unit is a small window to the kitchen. Below the window is a reclaimed wine barrel tabletop, where a half-height quarter round sits.

The middle rack of the left wall consists of two display rows. The upper row is a low reveal display and the lower row is a high reveal display. Below it is another rack, intended for storing bottles individually. The lowest section of this racking includes two case storage bins, which can be used for bulk storage.

Wine Racks for Big Bottles (Horizontal) with Tile Mural in Colleyville, Texas

Lovely Lattice Arch Display with Tile Mural in a Small Texas Home Wine Cellar

24. Custom Wine Cellar Designed Drawers and Cooperage Tabletop and Racking

Two Drawers with Grapevine Design

The back wall consists of a striking deluxe solid arch, with a hand carved grapevine design. The arch also features a tumbled marble tile behind it, and glass racks on each side. There is an individual magnum bottle column on each side of the glass racks. On the left of the arch is a half-height quarter round that faces the other quarter round on the left wall.

The top of the arch includes horizontal lattice large bottle storage. Below the arch is a double deep solid bin storage rack, that can hold 196 bottles. The middle section of the racking in the back wall consists of two drawers with  hand carved grapevine designs on their fronts.  The handle pulls are equipped with European self-closing slide hardware. Wine Cellar Specialists used the Vineyard Collection hardware for the drawer pulls.

The right wall also consists of two display rows in the middle. The top and bottom racks are for individual storage.

Beautiful Walls, Ceilings and Doors

Colleyville, Texas Wine Cellar

Texas Wine Cellar Doors with Glass Window

The walls and ceiling of this home wine cellar project in Colleyville, Texas are covered with Stonecoat, which is composed of crushed limestone from France. The stone is blown onto the surface and hand carved. The color was chosen by the client.  Stonecoat is not only beautiful, but cost-effective as well.

The entryway is made of solid wood at the bottom, and glass in the upper section. To ensure an airtight seal in the wine cellar, the door was installed with an automatic bottom. This component drops down when the door is closed, sealing the gap under it.

An Expert can Build a Beautiful Wine Cellar in a Small Room

Another stunning home wine cellar in Colleyville, Texas was completed despite the small space. If you have a tiny room that you want built out into a magnificent wine cellar, contact Wine Cellar Specialists at +1 (866) 646-7089.