Wine Cellar Designs San Antonia Texas Custom Wine Cellars Project

 San Antonio in Texas Drives Wine Cellar Design Innovation

This wine room display utilized very unique racking made from reclaimed wine barrels.  The result is a distinctive look designed to be eye catching.  San Antonio itself unique in Texas tends to drive designs for custom wine cellars that stay consistent with the character of the city.

Wine Cellar Designs San Antonia Texas Custom Wine Cellars Barrel ProjectReclaimed wine barrels as well as being ecofriendly, offer and aged appearance and an opportunity to allow wine cellar builders to produce something really special.  The wine racks in this project offer a curved display completely different to any other form of racking yet extreme substantial and practical for safely storing wine.

This curved effect is created simple by utilizing the exterior convex style barrels directly. This wine room used all individual bottle racking, this created the added benefit of allowing every bottle and label visible.

Completing the effect, the flooring in this wine cellar was also manufactured from the reclaimed wine barrel products.  Although a different process was used to straighten the wood the effect is truly stunning.

San Antonio itself unique in Texas tends to drive designs for custom wine cellarsThe front entrance of the room featured all high reveal display rows to showcase specialty bottles of the wine collector’s most treasured wines.  The racking also adds a pleasant and rich aroma left over from the original barrels making this room smell like one is walking into a winery.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Also a Must in Texas Wine Rooms

Given the local climate in San Antonio a wine cellar refrigeration system was also a must for this project.  In this case we used a cooling system from US Cellar Systems.  The particular system we installed was a ductless split system, this has the benefit of being quiet and simple to install in most residential homes.  In ductless split wine cellar refrigeration systems the evaporator is located in the wine room itself and the condenser is located outside of the home.  The advantage of this type of system is that just a line set (very thin copper tubing and an electrical cable has to be routed through the home.  This is usually a highly efficient, easy and inexpensive solution.

Any real wine cellar needs to be fully climate controlled to enable the wine to be stored safely for extended periods.  Providing the room is properly insulated and installed with a vapor barrier wine can age naturally over time.

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