A Modern Commercial Wine Cellar Brought a Dining Establishment to a Higher Level with the Help of an Expert Team in Texas

Commercial Modern Wine Cellar Design Texas

Commercial Modern Wine Cellar Design Created by Texas Wine Cellar Specialists

Increased wine sales, peace of mind, and wine enjoyment are just some of the benefits you will get from working with a reliable builderCustom Wine Cellars San Antonio has been working with top-notch designers and installers of commercial wine rooms like Wine Cellar Specialists. Recently, they completed a project for a high-end dining establishment in Texas. They made sure that all of the requirements of the owner were met.     

Impressive Features of a Commercial Wine Cellar Designed for a Modern Dining Establishment in Texas 

Numerous benefits await the owners of a commercial wine cellar built by an expert. If you are serious about achieving your target profit for your wine business, you must keep in mind that you will need the help of a skillful and experienced builder like Wine Cellars Specialists and Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio.    

Hospitality businesses are increasing in many areas in Texas. The owner of a high-end dining establishment contacted Wine Cellar Specialists to seek help in creating an eye-catching wine storage and display area beside the dining area and next to the wine bar.  

You will find elegant tables and chairs in the wine bar. There are shelves for wine glasses and other wine accessories. Wine Cellar Specialist’s team of experts was very excited to be part of another successful commercial wine cellar project.    

How a Stylish Commercial Wine Cellar in Texas Can Help Generate Sales  

VintageView  Metal Wine Racks Installed in a Commercial Wine Cellar by Texas Experts

VintageView Metal Wine Racks Installed in a Commercial Wine Cellar by Texas Experts

Keep in mind that an organized and attractive commercial wine cellar plays a crucial role in achieving your target sales. One of the most effective strategies to increase the number of your customers is to build an eye-catching wine display area for your products.  

When clients dine in your restaurant or hotel, and they see a stylish commercial wine cellar where they can enter and choose a type of wine, you will be more likely to make a profit. 

Always remember that a unique and enjoyable dining experience will become word of mouth. Your happy clients will share their unforgettable experience in your restaurant with their friends and colleagues.    

For this particular commercial wine cellar project, Wine Cellar Specialists incorporated modern and stylish features into the wine room design.        

Metal Wine Cellar Racks for Creating a Contemporary Feel and Maximizing the Space   

Wine Cellar Specialists installed metal wine racks to add a luxurious and modern appeal to their dining establishment. Metal is a popular choice of material for building commercial wine rooms.  

The whole team planned and designed the wine cellar based on the requirements of the client. The back and sidewalls consist of floor to ceiling metal wine racks, which are 3-bottles deep. You will find the double deep wine racks on both sides of the door behind the glass windows.  

Glass Door and Windows to Complement the Contemporary Commercial Wine Cellar Racks  

Glass is commonly utilized in building modern wine rooms. In this project, the client preferred a glass wine cellar door with a wooden frame. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, glass doors also offer a clear view of one’s wine collection.  

In this project, this type of door allows the guests to enjoy the beauty of the wine bottles cradled in metal wine racks while they are having their meal in the restaurant or sipping a glass of their favorite vintage in the wine bar area.  

Gorgeous and Safe Lighting System 

Contemporary Commercial Wine Room with Elegant Glass Doors and Dramatic Lighting by Texas Builders

Contemporary Commercial Wine Room with Elegant Glass Doors and Dramatic Lighting by Texas Builders

Another essential element in designing commercial wine cellars is the lighting system. The ideal lighting must be chosen correctly with the help of an expert. It should provide an ample amount of light for reading the wine labels and moving around the wine room. 

Moreover, it must also be appropriately installed to create a dramatic lighting effect and without compromising the safety of your wines. Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio and Wine Cellars Specialists use the LED lighting system because it emits a minimal amount of heat. Therefore, it is safe to use in climate-controlled wine cellars.  

We installed recessed LED lights on the ceiling to highlight the wine racks and a round Chandelier in the middle of the wine room 

A Luxurious Table   

The client loved the table that was placed near the back wall. Under it is a unique piece of mosaic artwork. The table was a perfect addition to this commercial wine cellar. It provides a space for decanting and serving wines within the wine room instead of bringing them to the wine bar or dining table.  

Ways to Protect the Client’s Wines from Damage 

Well Constructed Commercial Wine Cellar by Texas Experts

Well Constructed Commercial Wine Cellar by Texas Experts

The primary factor to consider when building wine cellars is proper wine storage. Master builders like Wine Cellar Specialists and Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio always make sure that a wine refrigeration unit designed for maximum efficiency and the correct insulation is installed in your wine room.  

Installation of an Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling System to Keep the Wines at Their Best Before Serving Them to Guests   

Selling high-quality wines will have a positive impact on your business. You do not want to serve wines that were damaged by fluctuating temperatures and varying humidity levels.

A reliable wine cellar cooling system chosen by a knowledgeable company will protect the wines before they are ready for consumption. After performing a heat load calculation, Wine Cellar Specialists installed a refrigeration unit from one of our trusted manufacturers.  

Insulation of the Door and Windows: a Crucial Step in Wine Cellar Construction     

At Wine Cellar Specialists and Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, wine room insulation is a standard procedure. We consider the following factors for wine cellar insulation: 

  • Size and location of your wine cellar 
  • Amount of glass to be utilized in your wine room (the more amount of glass, the higher the R-value) 

To create an airtight seal, we insulated the walls, ceiling, and doors of this commercial wine cellar to prevent condensation from forming. Moisture will trigger mold growth and can damage the quality of your wines and the structural integrity of your wine cellar. Additionally, we used thermally insulated glass panels for the door and windows.  

Wine Cellar Specialists Helped a Client in Texas to Boost Their Wine Sales  

Wine Cellar Specialists is very happy to be a part of this commercial wine cellar project in TexasCustom Wine Cellars San Antonio has been working with them for many years, innovative storage solutions to restaurateurs so they can drive more sales to their business.  

If you need help, please call us at +1 (972) 454-0480! 


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