Wine Guardian a Great Commercial Grade Option for Your Wine Cellar

Wine Guardian a trusted supplier of Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio

Wine Guardian a trusted supplier of Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio

Wine Guardian refrigeration systems can be used in residential wine spaces and commercial areas alike, for all wine collectors who are serious about preserving their wine.

Wine Guardian Texas Cooling Systems

Wine Guardian Texas Cooling Systems

One of the distinguishing features of a their products is that they are virtually silent. This makes their products an ideal choice for clients concerned about the acoustic qualities of their space.

The systems are made primarily of aluminum making them far lighter than many of their competitor’s brands, as well as resistant to corrosion, helping them last longer.

Economical Wine Rooms and Wine Closets

A mono block can be a less expensive option for a smart wine collector.

A mono block can be a less expensive option for a smart wine collector.

For cellars that require less construction and ductwork, a through-the-wall or mono block unit makes a lot of sense, and can be less expensive. Wine Guardian offers a really sleek and beautiful black contemporary design that will look nice next to your stacked wine collection.

It’s available in spaces up to 1500 cubic feet, great for small to mid-size wine rooms or cellars. And with a smaller system, the lower sound quality is a great option to be considered. This unit can also function as a heater in cooler climates.

Wine Guardian Split Design

For wine cellar designers looking for the highly flexible nature of split systems, the Wine Guardian products can also deliver. The system can be placed inside the room, above it, in a crawl space, or wherever is needed by the designer. This system can even be used in a cabinet application.

It has a panel system where each piece is the same size.  The installer can easily mix and match each aluminum panel, making it work for whatever assembly is necessary. It also has a heating option unlike some of their competitors.

Ducted Refrigeration Offers Commercial Options

Wine Guardian offers a great option for wine cellars where the rooms have limited shelf space or they aren’t easily accessible to an outside wall. In many cases wine room experts need to use ductwork and need the most sophisticated refrigeration unit available. This is often the case in commercial spaces that may

have very specialized requirements. In this case, Wine Guardian ducted products can support spaces 1,500 cubic feet up to 8,500 cubic feet.

Wine Guardian's ducted system

Wine Guardian’s ducted system

Wine Guardian also offers a high ambient version for areas like Arizona and Asia that might regularly reach temperatures past 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Built in the USA

Wine Guardian is a division of Air Innovations, a company that specializes in engineering and manufacturing of environmental control systems for an assortment of businesses. They’ve put their passion and expertise in creating devices for aerospace and semiconductors into maintaining the quality of your wine.

Air Innovations was founded by father and son Larry and Mike Wetzel. In addition to their passion for building the best machines in the world they also love collecting wine, inspiring them to build their first wine cellar and eventually their first refrigeration system.

Wine Guardian products are built in the United States.