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Investing in a Texas Home Wine Cellar is Best for Your Wines

WINE PRODUCTIONWines have traditionally been made in countries with cool climates, but budding wine connoisseurs can be found anywhere and they don’t really have to live in a wine country in order to collect or age great wines. Even if you’re in a place with a hot climate such as Texas, you can still start your own wine collection.

Some people can start with a small wine refrigerator, but this is only good for short term storage. A wine refrigerator is not enough if you’d like to move on to the next level of your passion for wines. For expanding your wine collection and for storage of more than six months, a full Texas custom wine cellar in your own home is the key.

Do note, however, that not all of your wines can be stored for long periods of time. Conventional wisdom teaches us that wine gets better with age, but this is not true. Plenty of wine varieties can reach their peak after a short period of time.


Why Store Wines in Texas Wine Cellars

With the wine varieties that can be stored your home wine cellar is the ideal storage place. A wine cellar must have an efficient wine cooling system to function well. Why? Wine storage and aging is a very meticulous process that involves controlling several factors to produce the best results. Especially in a place with a warmer climate such as Texas, the wine cellar needs to be well-managed.


Texas Wine Cellar – the Ideal Place to Store Your Wines

Wine storage temperature must be kept constantly between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit for your Texas wine cellar. Higher or lower than ideal temperatures will age wine prematurely. Humidity must be kept at a certain level as well. Less than 70% humidity results in dry cork and later to wine spoilage. If the humidity level is too high, molds will grow on the wine cork and the glue on the bottle’s label will deteriorate.

Light and vibration must be kept under strict control too. Make sure your wine bottles are not placed under direct Texas sunlight in your wine cellar. This can potentially change the wine’s flavor. Vibrations, which might be caused by equipment or machinery near your Texas wine racks, must be omitted as well. This is a known cause for wine to age prematurely.

With just a wine refrigerator, factors such as light, vibration, and temperature can fluctuate. Every time you open your refrigerator, you cause a shift in these factors and this can affect your wine’s natural aging process. These is why investing in a functional Texas wine cellar is ideal- so you can enjoy your collection and add beauty and value to your home.

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