Homeowner Chooses Wine Racks to Utilize Room Underneath His Unique Stairs in Via Vineda San Antonio

Custom Wine Racks Built in San Antonio Texas Home

A look at the custom wine cellar nestled under this unique staircase, built just off the entry way of this beautiful San Antonio Texas home. CLICK here to see image full-sized.

If you’re looking for a way to fill that unique space in your home, consider custom built wine racks from Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio. They have years of experience to their name in Texas; Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio can create an original design to fill out those impossible nooks and crannies in your home. Look at how they built wine racks under stairs in a Via Vineda home to craft an attractive wine display.

Traditional Wine Racks Constructed in a Particular Space Under the Stairs 

Is there a space in your home that is impossible to manage? Is that space just too unconventional? Have you tried every possible way to decorate it, but there’s no solution for you? Are you ashamed to have people over and comment about this ugly blight on your home?

New Custom Made Wood Wine Racks Beneath Unique San Antonio Stairs
Carl Gustafson encountered this very problem with his Via Vineda home. For ten years, he had a beautiful staircase with a large blank space under it.

Finally, he called Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio for a solution to his problem.

You can rest assured that the team at Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio can build the perfect wine storage to your specifications. With their years of experience and innovative solutions, an incredible wine cellar can be constructed in many places in your home. Even in a small storage closet!

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio can turn that ugly space under the stairs into a wonderful conversation piece in your house!

Custom Wine Display Created for a One-of-a-Kind Staircase

With the irregular shape of the homeowner’s staircase, the designers at Wine Cellar Specialists had their work cut out for them. A rounded staircase with a vineyard inspired design had previously been left bare with a few chairs awkwardly placed beneath it.

Fortunately, the experts came up with a brilliant idea — they set out to design a set of wine racks under the stairs, specially built to blend in perfectly with the space available.

To start with, they used mahogany wood to create a traditional valadis style wine racking.

Wooden Wine Racks

A view of Custom Wine Racks from the Vineyard inspired staircase

A shot from the vineyard inspired staircase at the custom built wine racks in a residential San Antonio Texas home. CLICK to see full-sized image.

For the homeowners who wish to have a more traditional style to their wine display, Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio provides the best in wooden wine storage.

When it comes to the wooden wine racks, they offer incredible diversity. Not only can you combine them with metal wine racks to function in traditional and modern homes, but you are also able to choose from a wide variety of types of wood.

A Bounty of Choices

Three of the most common kinds of wood are Pine, Mahogany, and Redwood. Add to that the ability to stain and finish these types of wood, and you have plenty of styles for your custom wine racks to select.

Another choice that is quickly becoming a trend is the use of wine barrels. Recycling old wine barrels, not only for the shelving, but for a floor of wine rooms, has become very popular.

Showing wines in an unusual space

Detailed look at the Light Up display in for wine racks under stairs

A closer look at the light up display for the custom wine racks built under stairs in a Via Vineda home. CLICK here to see full-sized image.

Given the space constraints, there was a challenge with storing the wine and showing the wine racks under the stairs in an elegant manner. Wine Cellar Specialists were up to the challenge. Ultimately, two different displays were chosen and built for the project.

Light-Up Display

In the design and production process, a light up display was selected to show a large selection of wines, making some of the wine selection a center of attraction. During the building phase, a strip of the wall molding had to be removed to accommodate not only the racking system but to allow some rewiring to make a light up display possible.

Corner Display

Custom Wine Racks built underneath unique staircase

The corner was made to house unique sized bottles of wine, from small bottles to larger magnum sized bottles, and showcase wines. CLICK here to see full-sized image.

A large shelf on the corner shows off unusually shaped bottles of wine . This display allows for even more types of wine to be shown-off, such as magnum bottles and smaller bottles.

End Result

The final product not only astonished the homeowner but impressed the builders themselves with how well the wine racking worked. The wine racks were built perfectly to fit the style and shape of the home.

Ultimately, the combination of the racking, the display selection, and the choice of wood came together to turn the dull, empty space into a point of pride for the Texas homeowners.

When you have a problem filling out space in your home, do the same thing Carl Gustafson did and call Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio for help.

Custom Wine Racks Built in San Antonio Texas Home

A close view of the custom built wine racking set under a unique staircase in a San Antonio Texas home. CLICK here to see full-sized image.