A Small Odd-Shaped Room Can be Transformed into a Striking Texas Residential Wine Cellar

Burke wine cellar under the stairs

You’ve always wanted to build a wine cellar in your home. You have the right budget but don’t have a big room for it. Should this stop you from doing the project? Of course not!

Building wine cellars in a small room is common in many parts of the United States including Texas. If you don’t have a large room but have that space under your stairs, you can make your dream of having your home wine cellar come true!

In Mansfield, Dallas Texas, the Burke family wanted to use an under-the-stair space for their wine storage. We, at Wine Cellar Specialists created a design that turned the client’s small boring area into a striking wine room.

Sealing the Custom Wine Cellar

wine cellar insulation

Wine Cellar Insulation Must be Done Properly by a Professional

Before starting this Dallas Texas residential wine storage project, we prepared it for the insulation. A climate-controlled environment is impossible to achieve without proper insulation.

Importance of Proper Insulation

Insulation helps stabilize the temperature in your wine storage area by keeping the air in the room and the warm air out. It is required if you intend to cool your wine room with a wine cooling unit. Proper insulation involves the installation of what’s referred to as a vapor barrier which plays an important role in proper wine storage.

A vapor barrier is a closed-cell foam wrapped around the room. It must be located in the warm side of the walls, ceilings and flooring.

It prevents the build-up of moisture by controlling humidity. Without proper installation of vapor barrier, there will be rot in your wall studs and molds in your wine cellar. If this happens, your wines’ flavor and aromas will be affected, making wine undrinkable.

In addition to damaging your wine collection, improper wall insulation and installation of the vapor barrier can result in high-energy bills. Your wine refrigeration system will run harder than it should if your Texas wine cellar is not completely sealed.

Unique Wine Rack Design

Burke Texas wine racking

Burke wine cellar

Dallas Texas Custom Wine Racks

The design and material of your wine racks will depend on your needs, requirements, personal preference and budget. At Wine Cellar Specialists, our professional team of designers will create a unique wine racking design, allowing you to display your collection attractively.

Custom Features

In this project, the room has a sloping ceiling and curved wall. To maximize the storage space and make this odd-shaped wine room look sophisticated, we customized the wine racks.

When you enter this under-the-stairs wine cellar, you will see the racking installed in the left side of the wall. There are lattice horizontal wine racks, mini quarter round display rack and true radius curve racks.

Burke wine cellar backend wall

The Back End Wall with X-Bin Storage and Horizontal Rack

The curved wine racks are designed to accommodate individual 750ml bottles with a display row. We chose not to use lots of joints and screw holes in the curved racking to create a seamless look. This adds character to the overall appeal of this Texas residential wine cellar.

Orange-brick paint was used for walls on the left and back end wall. The back end wall has a lattice case storage at the bottom, X-bin storage in the middle section, and another horizontal rack above. The right wall and the ceiling were covered with a faux brick material.

Mahogany – the Chosen Material for the Wine Racks

Burke mahogany wine racks

Mahogany Wine Racks

The material from which your wine racks are made contributes a lot to the aesthetic appeal of your custom wine cellar. In addition to aesthetics, the quality of the material must also be considered to ensure the safety of your wines.

With different choices of materials to choose from, it is ideal to determine the ambiance that you want in your wine storage space. You can search the Internet to learn the properties of the different materials used in wine rack construction. More importantly, it is wise to seek the help of a professional.

Advantages of Mahogany Wood

In this project, mahogany was the chosen material for the racking. This wood is known to have high resistance to rot and warping. It also has the durability and longevity needed to protect your collection for years to come. Rustic stain and lacquer were applied to the wood for a finished look.

Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Flooring and Elegant Door

Burke flooring

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring

Eco-Friendly Flooring

You can use tiles and marbles, slate or vinyl for your flooring, but you might want to go for an eco-friendly option. At Wine Cellar Specialists, we have used reclaimed wood from old wine barrels in many of our projects. Instead of throwing used wine barrels into the landfill or selling them as firewood, we use them to create unique flooring.

For the Burke’s project, we chose this flooring option to help save our planet while allowing our clients to enjoy their beautiful wine room. The top and bottom parts of the wine barrels were used (Cooperage). The special markings and unique stamps on the flooring add character and dimension to the space.

Inviting Entryway

Burke door

Custom Wine Cellar Door

The door for this Texas residential wine cellar was made of wrought iron and glass. This Venetian View door style in copper mist color is very attractive. The oil-rubbed bronze Saratoga handle set makes you want to open the door and see what’s inside.

Quiet and Space-Saver Wine Cellar cooling System

The wrong type of wine refrigeration system will result in damaged wine. To avoid this, we ensure that the right wine cooling system is installed for every wine room we build.

The Cooling Unit from a Trusted Manufacturer

Wine Cooling Unit from US Cellar Systems with Housing

Wine Cooling Unit from US Cellar Systems with Housing

We used an RM2600 ductless split system from US Cellar Systems to cool the Burke’s wine room. US Cellar Systems is a trusted provider of wine cellar cooling solutions.

The split system is perfect for wine storage rooms with limited space. The condenser, which is the noisy component of the system, can be placed somewhere outside the wine room; only the evaporator is installed inside. This creates minimal noise and saves space.

We hung the unit from the ceiling, allowing the air to flow downward. So as not to destroy the overall design of the room, we used mahogany with rustic stain (the same wood and finish as the wine racking) for the unit’s housing and louvered grill cover.

Turn that Small Space into a Stunning Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Specialists Texas – a Leader in Wine Cellar Design and Installation

Just like the Burke’s project, you can convert any small, boring room into a stunning and functional home wine storage. Get a free 3D wine cellar design or call us today at +1 (201) 591-1595