Breathtaking Contemporary Wine Cellar Designed by Custom Specialists in San Antonio, Texas

A true wine enthusiast would not have enough satisfaction on simple frequent drinks in wine bars. Rather, they would find themselves investing on their own wine storage unit for their growing wine collection at home. Recently, an astonishing wine cellar caught the attention of people with its contemporary design that perfectly matched the modern yet classical theme of a house in San Antonio, Texas. This project was designed by none other than the master builders from Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio 

Get into the Specifics on How this Contemporary Design was Built into the Best Wine Cellar in San Antonio 

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio have earned their reputation for being one of the best wine cellar specialists in the market with their high-end range of classical to contemporary designs as well as exceptional quality customer service. With wine cellars being a historical practice of wine aging-process and storage, our expert builders have been known in keeping this world-renowned wine storage system practiced and showcased in contemporary designs that perfectly fit in today’s trend.

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This contemporary style wine cellar was built in the living room of the client. Its design complemented well with the client’s home.

This well-known project was carefully planned to achieve the best contemporary wine cellar situated in the living room of one of our client’s home. It offered a spacious yet sleek design that complemented the whole living room space. With the living room area being an easily accessible and overly used area at home for visitors and guests, our builders made sure to include colors and styles that add depth, comfort, and warmth to the wine cellar.  

Showcasing Wine Cellar in Modern Day Homes through Contemporary Design  

There is no better way to apply traditional wine storage systems in our modern times than through innovating it with contemporary design and enhanced features that add more value, convenience, and accessibility to the whole storage system itself.  

Our custom wine builders have set themselves templates for every wine cellar design available which varies on clients’ preference. These templates give basis on which colors to use, types of materials fit for the design, as well as its placement for efficient arrangement of the wine collection. Contemporary wine cellars are particularly a customer favorite because of its ambient and luxurious vibe. Contemporary designs basically focus on the art of modernizing anything that is traditional. This type of design allows the wine cellar to not lose its old-style yet still fit into the new trend. It also perfectly elaborates the innovation of wine cellar systems from having it situated under the ground as the old method to making it easily accessible by putting it within the living room of your own home in San Antonio.  

Contemporary Wine Cellar Design through the Mixture of Rustic Wood, Black Outlines and Ambient Fixtures 

Mix and matching supplies to form a general theme is the first step in creating artistic designs. That is why we take pride in our expert wine cellar builders as they embarked in constructing our top-of-the-line contemporary wine cellar in one our client’s living room space. The wine cellar consisted four major parts to achieve top-tier contemporary design. These parts include the use of both wood and metal racks, infusing black outlines such as the door’s frame to contrast the wood and transform it into something more modern, minimizing color schemes through lighter shades, and adding warm lighting fixtures to finish it off with a contemporary mood. 

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The elements added to this contemporary wine cellar were carefully selected, so that we can achieve the style and look that the client wanted.

The materials used in this project were carefully chosen by our specialists as they provided both quality service and products. There is no better wine storage facility without the use of first-class materials. In this particular project, stainless steel was used for the metal racks. For the wooden racks, our builders found a supplier that offered premium quality wood that could withstand pesticide contamination as it could tarnish wine quality overtime. This type of wood also intended to perfectly carry the weight of the wine bottles over a long period of time. To give a spacious and lively atmosphere, we used glass to seal the room and topped it off with black outlines that transformed the classical effect on the wood to a more contemporary overall style. The lightings picked were also meticulously sourced as to provide warm elements that do not affect room temperature when the lights are turned on over a long period of time.  

Contemporary Wine Cellar with State-of-the-art Functionality through Efficient Split-Cooling System 

It is important to note that wine cellars are not only about aesthetics but also about functionality. Our products, no matter how breathtakingly beautiful, will not sell without a functioning wine cellar cooling system. The wine collection may look visually appealing, but without its proper function, whatever is stored will end up in spoilage.  

Our top-quality designs come with top quality functionality through state-of-the-art cooling systems. For the contemporary wine cellar designed in the living room area, we installed a ceiling mounted WhisperKOOL ductless split cooling unit. Normally, the large sizes of these cooling systems take up so much of the space in the whole storage unit making the whole area look more congested. The type of cooling system we installed was perfect to maximize the limited space of whole storage unit. Placing the cooling system above the racks and into the ceiling made it less visible and thus allowing more space. The same also applied for the compressor as it was placed outside. In addition, our builders installed an evaporator to automatically maintain required temperature of the room to achieve the wine bottles’ proper aging process. The evaporator was craftily installed behind the vents and painted in the same color as the ceiling to perfectly blend with the whole contemporary design of the wine cellar.  

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The client love every detail of this contemporary custom wine cellar in San Antonio.

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