Metal Racking for San Antonio Contemporary Home Wine Cellars

There are collectors who think that an all-wood wine room will not satisfy their modern sensibilities, so they prefer a contemporary wine cellar. Metal wine racks are popularly used in building San Antonio wine cellars in modern homes. Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio offers different styles of metal racking. As master wine cellar builders, they can create a functional wine room that gives off a sleek appearance. 

Chic Custom Wine Cellars for Modern Homes

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Contemporary Metal Wine Racking

If you have passion for wine and modern beauty, a wooden wine rack system may not be the perfect option for you. Metal is more elegant than wood, and it adds a streamlined appearance to wine storage spaces.

In many parts of the United States, including San Antonio, Texas, you will find metal wine racks installed in contemporary homes. We at Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio can help you build your dream contemporary wine cellar according to your specific requirements.

With several years of experience in the wine cellar construction industry, we have installed modern-style wine storage spaces. We partnered with Wine Cellar Specialists to be able to build efficient and sophisticated custom wine rooms in San Antonio, Houston, and the Austin areas.

Building Contemporary Wine Cellars

In San Antonio, many individuals who have contemporary-inspired homes choose to store their growing collection in a wine cellar that meets their stylish sensibilities.

Other wine collectors still prefer a traditional wooden wine cellar than a modern one. While a traditional wooden wine cellar provides a classic touch to your space with woodwork, it is not the right option if you want to complement the elegant interior design of your home.

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, a top-notch designer and installer of custom wine rooms, has extensive experience in creating modern wine cellars using wine racks made of metal, stainless steel, cables, and acrylics.

Different Styles of Metal Wine Racks for San Antonio Contemporary Wine Cellars

We offer different styles of metal wine racks to satisfy our clients’ hunger for stylish and elegant wine storage spaces.

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

One of our suppliers of metal wine racks is Vintage View. The sleekness and sturdiness of Vintage View metal wine racks make them a great racking option.

Since they take up less space, these wine racks are ideal for houses, apartments, and condominiums where space is limited. We have used Vintage View metal wine racks in converting small closets and spaces under the stairs into stunning San Antonio home wine cellars.

Another benefit of this wine rack system is convenience in browsing wines. These wine storage racks are designed to display your bottles with labels facing up. You will not spend much time looking for a specific wine that you want to serve with this bottle orientation.

Vintage View wine racks can be free standing, wall mounted, or floor-to-ceiling. They can be combined with wood components to add a more custom look to your wine room.

Cable Wine System – Stainless Steel Wine Racks

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Cable Wine Rack System

Stainless steel wine racks add a contemporary feel to a wine cellar. It is also an ideal material for those who don’t want corrosion or rust formation on the surface of their racking.

Made from high quality stainless steel aircraft cable, we also recommend the cable wine system to achieve a modern look in wine cellars. This type of racking will display your wine bottles like they are floating on air, creating a dramatic mood in your home wine cellar.

Excellent visibility of your wine labels is another advantage of the cable wine system. You can locate bottles easily in any row or column of the racking without having to flip or remove a bottle.

Flipping the bottle will disturb the sediments in wine, and may affect its aging process. Don’t let vibration stir up the sediments in your wine, so you’ll enjoy great tasting wines for years to come.

Additionally, the cable wine system allows various options for different bottle shapes and sizes, so collecting large format bottles, like magnums, will not be a problem.

eleVate Metal Wine Racks from Kessick

eleVate wine racks Texas

eleVate Wine Racks

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we offer the Kessick eleVate metal racks. This racking is designed with stainless steel rods and acrylic cradles, allowing bottles to be displayed with closures facing the front. With cradles snapped onto the rods, this wine rack system will display your collection in a unique way.

Peg or Rod Wine Wall Series Racks

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Wine Wall Series Wine Racks

The Wine Wall Series or Peg System, is a minimalistic approach to wine storage. Constructed with aluminum bars, peg wine racks create a stellar wine display of various bottle sizes. The pegs can be rearranged to accommodate various storage needs and requirements of our clients. This allows you to display your bottles in a label forward orientation, or with necks facing out.

Additionally, adding more bottles in the future will not be a problem. All you need to do is add extra pegs to increase the storage capacity of your Texas residential wine cellar.

The pegs or rods can be finished with aluminum, soft-touch white, or soft-touch black. For the backsplash, you can choose between wood, stainless steel, or led acrylic.

Some of the Contemporary Wine Cellars We Have Installed

Working with Wine Cellar Specialists enables us to combine form and function in building wine rooms. We have completed several projects using metal wine racks.

All-Metal Modern Wine Cellar

contemporary residential wine cellar Texas

A Residential Wine Cellar in Texas with an All-Metal Racking System

We have completed a wine cellar conversion project installed with the wall mounted metal wine rack system from Vintage View.  With these elegant storage racks, a stunning bottle display was created, complementing the minimalist home of the client.

Metal with Wood Contemporary Wine Cellar

wood and metal residential wine cellar Texas

Wood and Metal Contemporary Home Wine Cellar in Texas

In this project, we converted an old closet under the stairs into a unique wine cellar. Our client wanted a modern wine room using metal and wood.

We used the wall mounted metal storage racks from Vintage View on the left wall. The racking displayed the bottles beautifully while maximizing storage space. We created wooden case storage and tabletops below the metal racking.

Display Your Collection in a Modern Way. Opt for Metal Wine Racks.

Let a master wine cellar builder design and install a modern wine cellar in your home using metal wine racks. Call us today!

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