Award-Winning Modern Wine Cellar Designed by Expert Builders in San Antonio, Texas

Wine enthusiasts could not agree more that one of the best innovations of today’s generation is the installation of a modern wine cellar storage facility in the comfort of your own home. Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio recently handled a project with a client from San Antonio, Texas. In this wine storage project, the client requested to turn a part of her living room area into a modern wine cellar that directly complemented the theme of the whole house. Find out more about how this award-winning design is worth every penny. 
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Beautiful residential wine cellar project desdigned by expert wine storage builders.

Best Modern Wine Cellar Design to give a touch of elegance for every Home in San Antonio, Texas 

It takes more than just building a custom wine cellar to become an award-winner in modern wine cellar design. One must have a keen eye for style coupled with years of experience. Our reputation as an expert in modern wine cellar construction comes from having a team of highly skilled wine storage designers who’ve collected decades of experience in the industry.   

Our team had just completed their most recent project with a client in San Antonio, Texas. Their task was to transform a small part of the living room into a wine cellar based on the preferred modern design with a hint of luxury as specified in the contract.   

Creating Modern Upgrades through Modern Wine Cellar installations at Home in San Antonio 

A home always stands out when it holds features that are beneficial in today’s modern advancements. A good example is having a custom wine cellar within the living room area of your own home. These home upgrades are carefully designed to add value to every home.  

Our expert team always makes sure to produce high-end modern wine cellars in every customer’s home in San Antonio. This includes following a step-by-step process of going over the design, measuring the actual size and location of the room, and maximizing budget to bridge the gap between delivering topnotch modern wine cellars as well as being in line with the customer’s preferred taste.  

One of our team’s best project was awarded “2018 Best Wine Room Modern Masterpiece”. In this project, we used metal and glass to install a modern wine cellar design. The use of these materials further added a touch of elegance to the whole living area of the client’s home.  

Highlights of a Modern Wine Cellar Installation for a High-End Home in San Antonio, Texas 

The skill of combining modern designs with modern wine cellar storage technology earns the purpose of showcasing wine collection in the most convenient yet stylish way. This is what our team hopes to achieve in every project. Through the use of quality materials that complement modern design to the type of colors, added fixtures and rack positioning to maximize space, these highlights produce exceptional modern wine cellars for a posh home in San Antonio. 

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Sleek metal racks installed. We only trust VintageView for our metal racking needs!

From Traditional Wood Racks to Modern Metal Racks through Ultra Wine PEG System 

Modern designs fall more into less complicated but useful components. Traditionally, wooden racks are used to give a rustic look, but they often lack the means to meet the new trend. The use of wooden racks often fails to show the labels of the wine collection. The modern wine cellar PEG system does not only provide storage but showcase a beautiful display of the wine collection. The wine bottles are racked horizontally so labels are now visible which makes it even more convenient and trendy.  

Utilizing Small Space with Modern Design  

To maximize space, metal wine racks were mounted on the specified wall through the Ultra Wine PEG System, which specifically uses stainless steel rods. This practice eliminates the requirement of having to build a whole box or storage unit, but rather utilizing the wall by mounting metal racks on it. This makes it easier to complement the home’s current design as the wine cellar rack is only pinned through the particular area of the house.  

Moreover, this racking system also gives the client the option to mount more metal racks should there be an added growth to their wine collection.  

The best custom wine cellar builders lean toward racking designs that provide more flexibility. More specifically, we want a racking system that is designed to accommodate all bottle sizes of the wine collection as well as provide accent through detailed positioning of the wine bottles. Smaller sized wine bottles are arranged on the outer racks while larger sized bottles are placed in the middle portion of the wine cellar rack.  

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Large-format bottles displayed in the middle section of this modern wine cellar in San Antonio.

To achieve modern design, our team prefers minimal features such as the use of neutral or pastel colors and thermal insulated glass doors for the wine rack. Glass doors actually give the illusion of having larger room area by uncovering storage spaces. The thermal glass doors also helps maintain storage temperature for the proper aging of the wines.  

High Quality Wine Cooling System to achieve High-End Modern Wine Cellar Design   

A perfectly designed modern wine cellar will not serve its purpose without having the proper refrigeration system. Improper cooling systems will tamper quality of the wines, and thus defeat the whole purpose of the wine cellar. While there are many wine cellar designs and ideas out there, it is important to consult with wine cellar experts to get the best wine cellar in your home. 

In this project, our team of wine cellar specialists had to consider the range of the wine cellar room as well as its placement in the living room. These are important factors to be able to meet the temperature requirements of the wines’ accurate aging process. While there are many brands of cooling systems out there, our team was able to find the one that would fit the current wine room. We installed a Wine Guardian self-contained, ducted water-cooled system which perfectly matched the modern wine cellar design.  

Consult with a Specialist to have Your Own Award-Winning Modern Wine Cellar in San Antonio, Texas 

Maximize your home by transforming small spaces in your home into a modern wine cellar. Our wine cellar experts will help enhance your small space by upgrading your wine collection into a wine cellar storage facility built to complement and add value into your home. Contact us now if you want us to help you get started on that project. Call +1 (210) 591-1595 today!