How Quality Custom Wine Cellar Doors Can Protect Wine and Enhance the Beauty of San Antonio Residential Wine Cellars

In building a wine cellar, there are critical components that must be designed and installed properly by an expert to prevent wine storage problems. Your custom wine cellar door is one of the factors that affect the conditions in your wine room. It is also considered part of the overall room design. Thus, it pays to get a door manufactured by a trusted residential wine cellar builder in San Antonio, Texas.

Learn the importance of choosing the right wine cellar door. With different styles available, and with the help of an expert, you can have a perfect door for your wine room.

How Important is Your Wine Cellar Door?

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A Gorgeous Custom Wine Cellar Door

The entrance to your wine room should be constructed differently from ordinary doors. It must be engineered and designed by a knowledgeable company to make your wine room a safe place for your magnificent collection.

When choosing a door type and design, make sure that you consult a specialist to ensure that your wine room entryway is constructed properly and is aesthetically appealing.

Helps Maintain Ideal Wine Storage Conditions

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Optimal storage conditions are required to preserve wine’s quality. It’s not just your wine refrigeration system that helps achieve the ideal environment, but also your wine cellar door.

When constructed properly, your custom wine cellar door will provide a tight seal to your refrigerated wine cellar. It will prevent cool air from escaping the room, and warm air from entering.

Temperature fluctuations will be prevented, keeping your favorite wines safe from being oxidized. Unstable conditions in the room can shrink the cork and let unwanted air mix with the wine. Oxidation will then occur, and will result in undesirable taste and aroma in wine.

To avoid waste of investment, it would be wise to seek the help of an expert in getting a door for your wine room. At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, we construct doors with high quality material, and proper sealing components. We also ensure that every door is built with durability.

LVL wine cellar doors San AntonioLVL Technology

We use the LVL technology in constructing wood doors to give them the ability to withstand higher humidity levels in San Antonio residential wine cellars. This process also makes the doors less prone to warping.

Insulated Glass

To protect wine from being damaged by harmful external factors, we use insulated glass. This is highly recommended to provide proper insulation to wine cellars, and prevent condensation from forming.

Sealing Components in an Efficient Custom Wine Cellar Door

The main entry point of air is the wine cellar door. For this very reason, proper door insulation is necessary to prevent air leakage. There should be no gap under the wine cellar entryway, thus the door must be weather-stripped on all sides. It must also be equipped with an automatic door bottom for an airtight seal.

A sweep or a threshold, which shuts the door automatically, is also recommended.

Adds Visual Appeal to the Overall Design of Your San Antonio Residential Wine Cellar

Before entering a wine cellar, the first thing that you see is the door. The right type of door will complement the theme of your wine cellar and the existing décor of your home. We customize wine cellar doors, allowing our clients to incorporate their own unique design.

Different Styles of Wine Cellar Door

Custom Wood Wine Cellar Doors

Our solid custom doors, which are handcrafted beautifully, will add a timeless appeal to your wine cellar. They can match any home décor as well.

Different wood options include knotty alder, clear alder, walnut, African mahogany, cherry, Douglas fir, maple, and knotty walnut. Whatever wood species you choose, we can make your wine cellar entryway eye-catching. You have options for the interior and exterior casings, and for stain colors.

See our wood wine cellar door designs below.

wooden wine cellar doors San Antonio

Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Doors

Another type of door that we offer is the wrought iron door. Our skillful and experienced craftsmen hand-forge the door to create a stunning entrance to your storage space. Many wine enthusiasts, who want a castle-like wine cellar entrance, choose this type of door.

Our wrought iron doors are pre-hung in a customized steel frame. We use dual pane tempered glass, with interior glass, removable for easy cleaning.

See below some of our famous wrought iron wine cellar door designs.

wrought iron wine cellar doors San Antonio

Glass Wine Room Doors

Do you want to enjoy the view of your collection from outside your wine cellar? Well, we recommend a glass door for you. It can be plain, etched, or stained.

We use dual paned glass not only because it is tougher compared to regular glass, but also because it helps prevent moisture build up.

glass wine cellar door San Antonio

Steel Wine Cellar Entrance

We also offer steel wine cellar doors. The main benefit of this type of door is its high resistance to oxidation, which helps prevent rust or corrosion. Additionally, it creates a contemporary feel to your space.  If properly taken care of, steel wine cellar doors can last long.

See our steel wine cellar door designs below.

steel wine cellar door San Antonio

Stainless Steel Wine Cellar Doors

Get a Quality and Appealing Door for Your Wine Room

The entrance to your collection should help maintain the ideal environment for proper aging of wine, and enhance the overall appeal of your San Antonio residential wine cellar.  At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, our doors are crafted with excellence to meet our clients’ functional and aesthetic requirements.

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