Four Brilliant Ideas to Give Your Residential Wine Cellar Design the X-Factor

Simple is safe. But, simple can also mean mediocre. When it comes to the style of your residential wine cellar, why would you settle for a design that lacks luster? Give your storage room the sparkle it deserves! Don’t settle for a merely functional wine room. Instead, make sure that you invest in making your custom cellar aesthetically appealing. 

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Residential Wine Cellars Should Not Only Be Functional, But Also Stylish!

Click on the image to get a larger view of the photo!You bought your favorite vintages from various wine stores, and many of your finest wines were bought from different regions. The time and money that you’ve invested in building your wine collection is no joke! Therefore, you definitely want to make sure that your liquid gold is well taken care of. This is why you had a residential cellar constructed.

Wine rooms, unlike other types of storage facilities, have very specific construction requirements. In summary, there are two essential elements that are considered when building wine cellars, and these are:

1. Functionality.

An ideal custom wine cellar can effectively keep your wines from getting damaged. This means that the storage facility is built with the necessary equipment to provide a climate-controlled environment. Wine, unlike other beverages, needs to be kept at the right temperature and humidity levels, with minimal to no fluctuations.

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2. Aesthetic Quality.

The ambiance of a cellar is just as important to a wine enthusiast as his collection. Collectors want to feel good when they are in the presence of their wine bottles, and one of the contributors to feeling good is the ambiance of the storage space. Moreover, most wine aficionados enjoy showing their vintages to their guests and friends. Wouldn’t it be great to showcase a collection that is laid down perfectly in beautiful display racks?

How can you improve the design of your residential wine cellar?

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Posh Design Suggestions to Improve the Style of Your Residential Wine Cellar

The following are the suggestions of wine cellar design experts on how to improve the style of your wine cellar. Give your residential wine room that extra oomph by adding these recommendations:

1. A Glass Door or Glass Walls Create a Contemporary Feel in Your Wine Room

Click on the image to get a larger view of the photo!Installing a glass door or glass walls in your storage facility will give it a more sophisticated appeal. Wine cellar doors can be made from different kinds of materials, such as wood and metal. But, a glass door will give you the advantage of being able to see your wine collection, without having to open the cellar. Frequent opening of your wine room can cause fluctuations in the temperature and humidity levels. These fluctuations can lead to the spoilage of your wines.

Glass materials are among the top choices for creating modern-style home wine cellars. To match the glass installations in your wine room, you might want to use steel racking systems as well! Although wooden wine racks can also be used to match the glass components of your storage space, metal racks are still the best choice for building contemporary-design cellars.

2. Install High-Grade Steel Wine Racks from Vintage View Storage Solutions

Click on the image to get a larger view of the photo!There are various kinds of wine racking systems made from different materials, such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic. The kind of racking displays you install will determine the overall ambiance of your home wine cellar. Wooden wine racks, for example, are best for building rustic or traditional-style wine rooms. If you plan to create a modern-design residential cellar, you can choose from metal, glass, or plastic, but the most durable material among these is metal.

Vintage View Storage Solutions is the premier manufacturer of high-quality metal racking systems. They have a wide assortment of racking collections to choose from. All of their wine racks are made from robust steel.

All wine racks manufactured by Vintage View Storage Solutions have label-forward designs, which means that all bottle labels are facing you. If you have a collection of over a hundred wines, you’ll find this design configuration particularly convenient. You won’t have any difficulty looking for your favorite vintages, because all wine labels can be seen at a single glance.

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3. Improve Ambiance by Using Dramatic Wine Cellar Lighting Systems

Click on the image to get a larger view of the photo!The right choice of lighting systems can do wonders to your wine cellar design. You can turn any simple wine cellar into a stellar storage facility with good lighting installations.

If you want to achieve a classic or vintage appeal in your wine room, have a gorgeous chandelier hang from the ceiling. Sconces can also be used to create a traditional ambiance. You can have track lighting and recessed can lights installed, if you’re planning to have a contemporary style for your storage facility. Accent lighting fixtures, like ribbon lights, are perfect for getting that warm ambiance in the wine room.

Click on the image to get a larger view of the photo!It’s important to remember that not all kinds of lamps can be used in a wine cellar. Since wines require a storage space that can consistently provide the ideal levels of temperature and humidity, you must never install a lighting fixture that can alter or cause an imbalance to the climate inside the cellar.

Light Emitting Diodes or LED Lights are the recommended lighting systems for climate-controlled storage facilities. These types of lamps produce minimal heat and consume less energy compared to fluorescent lights.

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4. Add a Decorative Accent, Such as a Wine Barrel Carving

Make your residential wine cellar look more interesting by adding decorative pieces. Wine barrel carvings are a great choice for adding that extra oomph to your wine room. This type of decorative accent is made from barrel heads. The wooden head is carved and framed using a metal hoop. You can choose to have a stain or finish applied to enhance its color and give it luster.

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Consult an Experienced Residential Wine Cellar Designer

It’s not easy to conceptualize a unique design for your custom wine cellar. Many times, you’ll find that your ideas are too common, if not outdated. Get the best design advice from those who are experts in this field. Contact a residential wine cellar designer today! Click here!

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