Texas Custom Wine Racks – Top 3 Wood Choices

Many environmental factors can deteriorate wine’s quality. The major enemies of wine are too much exposure to sunlight, imbalance in temperature and humidity levels, vibration, and strong odor. These will cause wine spoilage or wine faults, making wine undrinkable. You don’t want this to happen to your precious wines, thus it is important that you store them in quality wine racks.


Durable Texas wine racks can accommodate hundreds or thousands of wine bottles in your residential or commercial wine cellar. It is not wise to buy cheap wine racks which will break or wear down after a short period of time. Moreover, functional wine racks will help wine mature properly. The material must not be a heat conductor to avoid changing the temperature of wine.

In addition to durability, style is another thing that you should look for in wine storage racks. Stylish wine racks will impress your guests and provide aesthetic appeal to your Texas wine room.

Wooden Wine Racks – Achieve Durability, Functionality and Style

Wooden wine racks are a great wine storage solution for any type of wine collector and any size of wine collection. With the right material, and of course, a trusted Texas wine cellar manufacturer, you will achieve durability, functionality, and style. A skillful hand can customize wood to meet the wine storage needs and complement the existing décor of the collector’s home. Let’s find the top 3 wood choices among Texas wine cellar manufacturers.

3 Most Widely-Used Wood for Texas Wine Rack Construction

  Talk to a Specialist Your Wine Cellar Needs!Redwood  

Redwood is a good wine rack material because of its ability to withstand cool or humid temperatures. It is naturally durable (even without application of stains or finishes) and highly resistant to decay, mildew, insects, and shock. Its natural reddish color provides elegance to your wine cellar. These are the reasons redwood wine racks are great for residential or commercial wine cellars.


Mahogany has deep red color which, when stained, can add character to any wine cellar. Its resistance to rot and mildew and non-aromatic quality makes it a perfect material for your wine racking system. Other advantages of mahogany wine racks are its reasonable price, durability, and workability.


Pine is strong despite it being a soft wood. Just like mahogany, pine looks great when stained. But for others who love its light color, they opt for unfinished pine wine racks. The decision whether to stain or not to stain pine wood depends on the ambiance that you want in your wine cellar. Pine wine racks are also durable and easy to work with.

If you’re planning a wine cellar project and want customized wine racks that suit your style and budget, choose Wine Cellar Specialists, a trusted wine rack and wine cellar manufacturer. They offer quality and stylish wine racks with many customization options to choose from. Contact them now at 866-646-7089 or visit their website at http://www.winecellarspec.com.

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