Well-Known Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas Gets a Glam Up with a Newly Built Commercial Wine Cellar

There are many things to consider in putting up a restaurant business. These considerations are collective qualities that make up a successful and promising business. As much as food is one of the primary goals, the interior design and atmosphere plays an important role that most business owners miss out. A client recently consulted with our team to boost his sales for his high-end restaurant in San Antonio. The owner wanted to give his restaurant an upgrade by putting up a commercial wine cellar as a perfect display for his wine bottle inventory. Learn more about this astounding commercial project.   

Going Over the Intrinsic Process of Building a Commercial Wine Cellar in a Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas 

At Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio, our wine cellars have been specifically designed to meet clients’ current needs and standards. We have been able to cater to a variety of client needs and have been able to provide top-tier quality wine cellar storage solutions.  

In the case of our recent business owner client, we have specially built a commercial wine cellar that fits the requirements that fall under the food and beverage industry. Unlike residential wine cellars, commercial wine cellars require a more durable design that can withstand heavy loads and longer usages. Part of accomplishing the client’s desire to create an upgraded look on his restaurant is to make sure to provide optimal level storage solutions to keep wine inventory in top-quality.  

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Various wines displayed on metal racks in the commercial wine cellar we built for the establishment in San Antonio.

Through actual inspection of the site, conducting size and area measurements, as well as consulting with the client’s preferences and ideal goals for the project, our team was able to create a 3D-blue print as visual representation of the commercial wine cellar. A bird’s eye-view was created as a form of aid to visualize the client’s concept through collaborative efforts from our team and the client himself. We were able to go through all the necessary details needed to create a topnotch commercial wine cellar for our client. From making sure to maximize space efficiency, properly designating spots for lightings and fixtures, creating the right color palette to accentuate the room, purchasing durable and sturdy racks for heavy load usages as well as choosing the best cooling system to achieve temperature cooling requirements.  

Choosing the Perfect Commercial Wine Cellar Design in a Restaurant Set-Up 

As part of the client’s renovation plans, the goal was to put up a wine cellar by the wine bar as an added feature to the current design of the restaurant. This means our team had to come up with a design that would complement the existing theme of the restaurant. Moreover, there is a greater advantage in having a pre-existing design in terms of brainstorming ideas as there is already a consistent pattern that can serve as a basis and be followed through.  

The restaurant dominantly had modern textures and elements in its interior leading our team to create a contemporary wine cellar design as a perfect enhancement and upgrade to the whole space.  

Modern Metal Racking Solutions to Maximize Wine Cellar Room Display   

The first thing you will notice in the wine cellar design is that metal racks were installed from the floor up to the ceiling. This is to maximize the designated space without using up the room range. It gives the illusion of a bigger space without compromising the actual room size. The positioning of the metal racks also featured the display of the wine labels, providing easy identification of wine options. In addition, 2-deep metal racking systems were mounted in the cellar doors to give more room to display the wine bottles. A larger racking system for wine bottles means a wider range of wine choice display for the customers.  

The metal racks were carefully sourced from a supplier that produced stainless steel materials with durability and sturdy design which is perfect for the heavy use they will often be put to.  

Commercial Wine Cellar in Dallas with Glass Door and Windows  

Modern wine cellars are better known for their open spaces that openly display the wide range of wine collections. For this commercial wine cellar in San Antonio, a vertically shaped tempered glass was installed as an entrance door with rustic wood fixed on its frames. This perfectly accentuated the contemporary design of the whole wine bar giving a more authentic mood in choosing the perfect wine for customers.  

The type of glass that was sourced for this project was carefully chosen to fit for commercial uses as well as being able to resist cooling temperature variations of the room. It is important to note that even the wrong choice of glass can tamper the quality or the aging process of the wines. This is also one of the reasons why our team always makes sure to source out the best quality materials.  

Integrated LED Lighting to Create an Elegant Ambiance

Lighting features basically make or break the whole design of the room. Installing the proper lighting features makes the wine cellar visually appealing and catches the attention from its customers. There should be enough light to give ambient display of the wine collection as well as create minimal heat as produced by the lights. Our team installed LED lighting systems with features that were generally designed to maintain optimal wine room temperature. These lighting systems were specifically manufactured for cooling storage solutions since regular lights had the tendency to emit heat and thus, alter ideal room temperature.  

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Beautiful cellar lighting fixtures installed in this commercial wine room in San Antonio.

For the commercial wine cellar project, a rustic wooden chandelier was hung in the middle of the ceiling to complete the contemporary look of the whole wine room along with its adjustable LED lighting features.  

Eco-Friendly Cooling Systems for Commercial Wine Storage Solutions  

As commercial storages are prone to heavy usages, our team has specially sourced an eco-friendly wine cellar cooling system that is equipped with durable and heavy-duty cooling features at the same time produce environment friendly wine storage solutions. Another benefit of this energy-efficient cooling storage solution is its ability to reduce electricity costs without altering cooling system qualities. It also meets the commercial requirements used in establishments such as bars, hotels, and restaurants.  

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This space-efficient, commercial wine display was designed by Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio.

Entice More Customers by Building a Commercial Wine Cellar in Your Restaurant in San Antonio! 

When our client decided to put up a commercial wine cellar in his wine bar, it became the talk of the town. It lured a lot of customers to dine-in and try out more of their food and wine options. It was one of the best investments a business owner could make. If you are a business owner looking for ways to innovate in your business, invest in a commercial wine cellar in San Antonio now. You can consult with one of our experts to help you brainstorm ideas on wine cellar designs fit for your business. Give us a call now at