A Gorgeous Modern Wine Cellar Designed with Black Wine Racks: Perfect for a High-End Home in Texas

Elegant Modern Residential Wine Cellar Design for a Texas Home

Elegant Modern Residential Wine Cellar Design for a Texas Home

Are you dreaming of building a custom wine cellar designed to reflect your personality and display your fine wines with elegance? In Texas, a couple wanted to transform a  small space into a luxurious looking wine storage and display area for their prized wine collection that reached up to 800 bottles. They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our partners in wine room constructionThis modern wine cellar design is a must-see! 

A Modern Wine Cellar Design Created for a Texas Home Installed with Stylish Racking

Serving Area Located Outside the Modern Wine Cellar Design in Texas

A couple in Texas started collecting wines in 1983 with a case of Futures of Chateau Lafite Rothschild. Their love for wines developed, and in 2000, they decided to grow their collection to 800 bottles.  

They wanted to keep their stock of Futures safe, so they installed some wine refrigerators in their previous home. When they built their new home, they included a wine storage space for their favorite vintages.   

The wife created the modern design for their custom wine cellar that had to be installed in their home in Texas. They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists. The team assessed the requirements of the couple by visiting the site and gathering all of the necessary information. They made sure that every detail is incorporated into the design.  

The wine cellar had to be built in a long and narrow area. Glass walls separate the dining room and the wine cellar.    

Designing Wine Racks with a Twist to Achieve a Contemporary Feel in the Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Texas 

Traditional wine racks are made from wood. However, with the help of a professional like Wine Cellar Specialists, you can make your wooden racking look modern. For example, in this particular wine room conversion project, Wine Cellar Specialists had to create a modern custom wine cellar design for a home in TexasAlthough they utilized wooden wine racks, the team found a way to give them a contemporary look 

Wine Cellar Specialists was able to create a racking system that exudes beauty and functionality, and one that complements the existing décor of the modern home. They used Alder wood for the wine racks. Alder is a high-quality wood species popular for its ability to absorb stain very well. Wine Cellar Specialists applied the wine racks with a black stain. The result was impressive 

Consisting of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal bottle orientations, the sleek design of the wine racks can be a conversation starter and is truly a sight to behold in the residential custom wine cellar in Texas. The wine racks occupy the left and the back walls, forming an L shape.  

Horizontal Wine Storage Racks 

The Texas experts incorporated horizontal wine racks into the modern wine cellar design.

The Texas experts incorporated horizontal wine racks and display rows into the modern wine cellar design.

Wine Cellar Specialists included horizontal wine rack storage openings in this modern custom wine cellar designed for a home in TexasThey installed standard wine racks at the top section of the left wall, and two columns and four layers of magnum wine racks above the arch on the back wall.  

The left side of the wine room has 24-inch deep horizontal wine racks in 13 layers, which can hold up to 156 bottles. Each layer can accommodate six 750ml bottles in each column. The label-forward orientation provides convenience in finding a specific type of wine because the labels are facing out.   

Vertical or Column Wine Racks

Black Modern Wine Cellar Racks Texas with Stylish Wine Racks

Black Modern Wine Cellar Racks with Stylish Wine Racks

Incorporating a mix of different wine rack styles into this modern custom wine cellar design was a smart decision. In both sides of the arch installed on the back wall, the column wine racks have four layers, which store the bottles with the cap facing out. The length is about 60 inches from the ceiling down to the display row, which runs the middle of the racking on the back wall.  

Pitched Display Rows  

Every wine collector wants to highlight some of the most prized vintages in their collection. When creating the design for this modern custom wine cellar, Wine Cellar Specialists decided to add 12-grid display rows to show off some of the couple’s favorite wines. The bottles are pitched at an angle to keep the cork moist and prevent it from shrinking. 

Arch Display with a Tabletop 

Wooden Custom Wine Racks with a Tabletop

Wooden Custom Wine Racks with a Tabletop

The focal point of this modern custom wine cellar designed for a home in Texas is the arch display area that comes with a tabletop. The owners decided to utilize the lattice arch for their wine-themed decorations (e.g., wine barrel art), which added aesthetic value to the elegant wine room.     

Diamond Bins and Wooden Case Openings for Bulk Storage 

To maximize the capacity of the space, Wine Cellar Specialists added wine racks intended for bulk storage. You will see the diamond bins below the display row on the left wall of this custom wine cellar in Texas. These wine racks are recommended for storing wines in bulk, with bottles placed on top of each other. They can hold up to 62 bottles.    

Moreover, we also included openings for wooden cases, which can be found beside the diamond bins on the left (1 grid), and most of them (6 grids) at the bottom section of the back wall. Each grid consists of 3 layers, which can accommodate 400 bottles. The unstained wooden cases stand out against the black-stained wine racks.   

Contemporary Wine Cellar Door 

Contemporary Wine Cellar Door San Antonio

Contemporary Wine Cellar Door by San Antonio Master Builders

To complement the modern design of this custom wine cellar in Texas, Wine Cellar Specialists installed a Barolo style glass door. It is made of glass and framed with Alder wood. The frame was applied with a black stain and lacquer for a smoother and glossy finish.  

The team installed the door with correct insulating components. It has a dual-paned glass panel to prevent condensation and is equipped with weather stripping and an automatic door bottom. With a height of 8 feet, the door allows some of the couple’s wine collection to be visible from the outside.  

Commercial Grade Cooling System That Complements the Modern Custom Wine Cellar Design in a Texas Home 

Wine Guardian D050 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian D050 Water-Cooled Wine Cellar Cooling System

In Texas, the temperatures can be very high all-year-round. A reliable wine refrigeration system is necessary to protect the couple’s fine wines, which they collected for many years.  

Wine Cellar Specialists assessed the requirements of the wine room based on its location and size. They selected the self-contained D050 1/2 Ton model from Wine Guardian. It is a water-cooled system, which is known to provide maximum cooling efficiency to wine cellars installed up to 1500 Cu. Ft.   

Here are some of the features of the Wine Guardian D050 wine cooling unit: 

  • Offers a quiet operation 
  • Lightweight 
  • Resistant to corrosion 
  • Has a multi-panel design for easy maintenance    
  • Has a high capacity (can run in ambient temperatures up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit)  
  • Flexible installation (can be mounted through a wall or ducted from a remote area) 

For this modern custom wine cellar project in Texas, Wine Cellar Specialists installed the wine refrigeration unit in the attic. The air is ducted down through the air vents. The couple chose a color that would go well with the shade of the brown ceiling.  

To help the wine cooling unit in achieving the ideal environment for wine storage, the owners decided to add white blinds to the windows in the dining area where the wine cellar was located. It would help keep the heat of the sun from interfering with the cooling process inside the wine cellar.  

Design Your Modern Custom Wine Cellar with the Help of an Expert in Texas 

Bring your dream wine room to reality! Work with an experienced, passionate, and creative designer of modern custom wine cellars in Texas. Wine Cellar Specialists is proud to be a part of this project.  

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